hat’s in a bag that piques the interest of every fashion girl? It’s always a tie between the practicality it offers or the pep it adds to any outfit. Whichever party you choose to dance in, handbags will always be a timeless wardrobe must-have. This season, both minimalistic and glamorous designs fit into the pizzazz that make up the spring 2022 handbag trends.

There’s never been a time when pragmatic fuses perfectly with the glitz of fashion like ours. From gender-neutral designs swinging through on runways to style stars strapping them on, handbags are constantly evolving to meet our voracious needs. The enthusiastic party girl accompanied by her shimmery bag buddy and the work girl with a leather tote, both have something in common—a handy handbag serving purpose and maintaining its style duties.

Here are the hottest spring handbag trends of 2022 to keep you stylishly en vogue…

#1. Clutch bags

Are we finally moving past oversize and bulky bags to actual “hand” bags? Or there’s enough space in the scenes for any and every bag to thrive? Not sure how to answer that, but the clutch bags are having a moment this spring. The twist to the clutch bags are the handles etched on to encourage a solid grip. An absolute fave right now.

Photo: Tiwa Savage/Instagram

#2. The bucket bags

There’s no mentioning spring handbag trends without the bucket bags. These bags are everywhere and with everyone, yet still manage to appear exclusive to each owner. Another reason why we can’t get enough are the different fabrics and shapes they come in, that’s what makes them ultra authentic.

Photo: @vanessamatsena/Instagram

#3. Top handle bags

From colorful mini options to pearl shaped handbags, the top handle bags are as utilitarian as they are Uber stylish. That is to say, these handbags have found a genius way to strike a balance between practicality and style. Interestingly, many designers are now accompanying their top handle bags with straps for even more practicality.

Photo: @anita.adetoye/Instagram

#4. Cross body bags

Before now, cross body bags were considered the dowdy errand bag. Remember that bag you strapped on for a quick trip to the market, where you throw in your debit card and cash for easy access? I guess the point has been made. Well, fast forward to spring 2022 and they have become one of the most coveted wardrobe pieces, and are accepting nothing short of front row seats.

Photo: @fusunlindner/Instagram

#5. Tote bags

Take a stroll out and look around, the chances of seeing a tote bag are likely high, and for good reason. These bags are versatile and come in varieties. Imagine a bag that can comfortably make it to the gym, beach, mall and office—that’s right!

Photo: @lethabo_nare/Instagram

#6. Vegan-friendly bags

The world has moved from purchasing bags for the fun of it to being aware of the environment. This has birthed, among other spring handbag trends, the vegan bags — most of which can be reused and repurposed. This development has in no way tampered with the modish options available.

Photo: @officialsweetiemensah/Instagram

#7. Baguette bags

When staying power is mentioned, especially in a fast-changing industry like fashion, baguette bags come to mind. The 90s classics have been around spicing up the fashionista’s closet. As time rolls out its carpet, so do these classics with more voguish representations.

Photo: @highlowluxxe/Instagram

#8. Shoulder bags

We all love fashion, but let’s admit its indecisive patterns might be hard to keep up with. This unending cycle has brought back shoulder bags with actual straps, and not the fanciable chains placed for aesthetic purposes. These are one of the spring handbag trends everyone seems glad about, because a bag that can house the essentials is always welcome to sit at the table with us.

Photo: @astyledmind/Instagram

#9. Bright colors

Colorful handbags are everywhere this season. They elevate a basic outfit while adding spice to an already popping look. My favorites are the small colorful options that ironically make all the loud statements.

Photo: @arrayoffaces/Instagram

#10. Party bags

For the umpteenth time, it’s spring season, and you know that also means the beginning of party season. In addition to body baring pieces are party themed bags. From frills to sequins, embellished bags are a dream buy this season.

Photo: @hrmcarolyna/Instagram

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