t’s the season to go big or go home and even if the minimalist team has won you over, there are subtle ways to work the “big fashion” trend into your personal style for a high fashion twist. Over the years, we’ve watched high-end designers throw in their weight on high glam detailings. If it wasn’t a quick play on elevated fabric choices, it spun towards injecting details like feathers, fringe, and all kinds of embellishments. The result is a spectacle of glam waiting for you to get on.

After the Met Gala‘s “Gilded Glamor” theme, best believe these high glam essentials are sure to become a mainstream affair. All too soon, as the weather finally pitches its tent in the warmer temperatures, these universal high glam trends are slipping out of celebrity haute couture into everyday streetwear — a literal dream come true. Imagine walking the streets in feathers, and no one gives a judgy glare. That’s the vibe that’s currently unfolding. Don’t you just love it?

Check out these high glam style trends sitting front row this season…

#1. Metallics

It’s impossible to have a go-big season without the glimmer of metallic attires. The runways are literally dripping with the metallics fashion trend. From a full-on monochrome party glam to infusing metallics in separates or accessories for vamped-up streetwear, indeed the time to shine is now.


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#2. Frills and feathers

What’s a grand ensemble without frills and feather details? The more reason high-end designers are weighing in on this glamorous trend. A stunning number with feathers strategically placed is a fashion must-have. Bring it on with the frills and feathers–we’re ready!


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#3. Voluminous silhouettes

The puffy sleeves and overflowing trains will continue to make their billowy statements on the fashion streets. It seems high glam style has tied the knots with this trend, as they continue to defeat all attempts at easing them off the spotlight. Wardrobe favorites like oversize shirts boast of comfort and class, hence, the not-so-surprising embrace it receives from fashionistas across the globe.


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#4. Crystal embellishments

There’s no high glam style without an assortment of embellishments. This is a fashion era where glitz, sparkle, and glamor call the shots, especially after a hindering pandemic. The red carpets are crowded with celebrities looking like a million bucks in gem-studded pieces while giving the paparazzi a run for their money. Nothing explains this better than Cardi B‘s Met Gala Versace dress.


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#5. Corsets

Snatched waists are still a major thing in 2022, and as a result, every à la mode belle is in on this trend. Corsets remained ubiquitous in the Victorian era and are equally relevant in our time. Think corset tops on choice pants or mini skirts, or go all out in a high-end event-ready frock.


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#6. Leather

Yes, leather and high glam style are not mutually exclusive. The rock stars held onto it for a while, but at this moment, leather accessories and outfits have gone mainstream. Pair leather gloves and boots with a free-size button-down dress like style influencer Juliette Foxx for an ultimate baddie move.


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#7. Lace fabrics

Hollywood stars are in on the lace trend, from lingerie sets to iconic high-end numbers like the Atelier Versace seen on Lily James on the Academy Awards red carpet. Lace has been known for the feminine touch it brings to a look—serve it in a pristine white shade or blush.


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#8. Fancy cutouts

Bring sexy back (although it never left) with a piece that features strategically placed cutouts. A ritzy party dress or blouse paired with snazzy bottoms is a must for some high glam style. Take a quick look at the red carpets, runways, and street wear — cutouts reign supreme.


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#9. Faux fur

The bad and boujee lifestyle is incomplete without some fur and boots pairing. How else do you step into the place in grandiose style? We are turning up in fur this season, and that’s on periodt. Boss chic Mary J Blige knows this truth for sure.


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#10. Mini Skirts

The higher the hem, the higher the glam is the code this spring. Throw on a mini skirt with a graphic T-shirt and you’re ready to hit the streets or pull off a business chic look by pairing it with a neatly tailored blazer. There’s no high glam style without a statement mini skirt doing its job.

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