Sometimes the regular gets boring and we just need that extra push to amp up our look. Detailed tights are very popular this season, super comfortable, and may just be what you need to elevate your look. When you combine that modern chic goodness with “I’m-sexy-and-I-know-it” tights, slay is surely what you get.

Instead of heading out bare-legged and then asking your friend for a scarf to cover up, why not slide into those alluring tights for that extra warm and stylish edge? They can be worn on different occasions as detailed tights range from over-the-top polka dot designs to subtler fishnets that all work magic. It’s getting really cold these days but that’s no reason to jumble clothes together in a non-stylish manner. These tights will have you looking in control and put together. 

Check out stylish ways to style tights so effortlessly for maximum impact…

#1. Monochrome fit

Elevate a monochrome fit with tights for a super chic effect. In this cooler season, consider season-appropriate hues like black and brown as they look irresistible in monochrome pairing. For some extra sass, play up your style game with accessories like sunglasses and jewelry. See, Lala definitely got the memo.


#2. Dressed up look

Do you have an event to attend? Add a sleek finishing touch with these stylish tights to stand out from the crowd. True to a rave-worthy fashion, a girl like you should never be tempted to blend in. 


#3. Elevated casual look

Glam up your everyday look with detailed tights. Whether you’re catching a flight, going to watch a game, or doing some grocery shopping, laid-back slay has never looked this good.

#4. Night out glam

Bring sexy back in a sultry dress that’s rightly paired with detailed tights for that date night or girl’s hang out. This is a great option if you want to wear an extra mini number but still want to feel comfortable enough to dance in it. 


#5. Workwear ready

While it’s quite tricky wearing detailed tights to the office, opt for the subtler patterns and leave the polka dots and leopard skins in your closet for another time. We trust you’ll definitely get your chance.

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“Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.”Alexander Wang. Stay stylish even in tights.

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