Sneakers have been reigning supreme since celebs and influencers decided that they’re super cool. You pretty much can’t scroll through IG without coming across someone making serious style statements in sneakers. Whether it’s plain, textured, or colored, sneakers are certainly a kick. As we near the end of this year, this comfy option is perfect for all your activities and festivity. Thus, knowing how to style sneakers is necessary for bringing the best out of this footwear.

While sneakers are versatile and can match almost any outfit, there’s also a way to style them wrong. The general rule is to consider the fit and tone of your ensemble, as well as the setting in order to appropriately style your sneakers. For example, if you’re going for a super formal look, sneakers aren’t such a great option. On the other hand, they are perfect for a laid-back vibe if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Sneakers, since their arrival, have never really fazed out which goes to show that they will remain a fashion favorite for a long time. They make life easy, so whether you are running errands or just want something that you can take steps in without compromising your boss babe status, sneakers are always a great choice.

As the pair continues to trend, fashionistas have constantly proved that kicks can really tie any outfit together. With its effortlessly clean look, pairing it with anything from denim to dresses gives off a classy and polished athleisure vibe. And who doesn’t love a polished look?

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Rock with a dress

A dress is an easy answer when you’re looking for how to style sneakers. Whether you opt for midi options or maxi takes, it’s a win in every way. In addition, seeing it’s the cooler season, don’t hesitate to slip into a knitwear dress and finish off with sneakers. What a sight!


Layer with coats

This season is a great time to indulge in layers and coats, so why not pair your favorite with sneakers? Several stylistas are doing justice to this look that it’ll be impossible to get strapped for ideas. While you may choose to keep your outfit in hues of the season, you can add a pop of color with your footwear. Good for you sneakers come in a variety of colors.


Chill in a loungewear

Loungewear easily took over the scene in 2020 thanks to the virtual way things took a turn, as this option is casual yet stylish enough to make a point. Thankfully, things are back to normal, but loungewear has still remained relevant. This is a great sneakers styling option if you’re lazy about what to wear but still want to look fly.


Stylish with skirts

How about you go girly in trendy skirts? Skirts and sneakers are a hit like bread and butter, that is to say, they are perfect for every taste. Luckily, skirt options are abundant and your favorite will surely have a sneaker that fits.


Powerup with suits

Of course, you’re used to suits being a rigidly-formal outfit option, so pairing them with sneakers may seem shocking, but it’s not. Many celebs and fashion influencers have realized this and are kicking formal into a little laid-back with kicks. In order words, you can easily go from formal to chilled by simply switching up your footwear.

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