ombat ankle boots are one of the contemporary must-haves and trendiest footwear for fashion-forward girls, especially in cooler seasons. These shoes are stylish and edgy and have a way of adding a unique flair to any ensemble. In addition, combat ankle boots are comfortable; which means you can rock them all day without getting tired of your slay factor. If you’re seeking a guide on how to style combat boots, then you’ve come to the right place. 

The thing about combat boots is that in spite of their edgy vibe, anyone can make it work for them to suit their personality. From feminine dresses for the girl who wants a pump to classic jeans for the babe with a knack for traditional hip, this footwear really does have a way of pleasing a variety of closets. And girl, we’ve curated some of the trendiest ways style stars are rocking combat boots so you can make your choice. You’re welcome.  

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#1. Combat boots with jeans

Although this look is generally accepted for a casual occasion, you can still find a way to make it work in a tad formal setting. For a casual take, pair your combat boots with straight-leg jeans and tuck a fitted tee into it for a more polished look. In addition, you can play up the hip vibe of your boots by rocking them with ripped jeans. For something a bit more serious, opt for dark jeans, a camisole, and throw on a blazer for a boss chic moment. No matter how you style them, combat boots and jeans are always perfect together.

Another way to wear combat boots is to wear them with wide-leg pants. This look is perfect for creating an illusion of height, and it can also accentuate your curvier aspects. For a cool look, wear light-washed denim with a crop top and super-super cool combat boots. Finally, you can also style a black leather jacket with skinny black jeans and boots for an amazing outfit that will help you to look incredibly chic.

#2. Combat boots with shorts

Combat boots with shorts provide the perfect blend of performance and comfort without breaking a sweat. Although it’s a staple in the warmer season, you can enjoy them in the Fall with tights before things go ice! If you plan a fashion statement look where comfort is essential, pair light-colored combat boots and a white bomber jacket with dark-colored shorts.

A pair of combat boots with a white crew neck tee and black denim shorts is a sure way to add extra oomph to your style. For a cool and relaxed look, pair brown combat boots and leather shorts with an olive military jacket. You can equally explore the combo of a black long-sleeve blouse with black-washed shorts and comfy boots as it’s a perfect option for a laid black look. Finally, a red plaid shirt dress and light-colored shorts with black combat boots are a good pairing to take you throughout the day. You can find a ton of stylish ankle combat boots online. One of the more popular women’s footwear sellers, Dream Pairs provide affordable and stylish ankle boots for women.

#3. Combat boots with skirts

It’s one thing to know how to wear combat boots, it’s another to know how to bring even more edge with them. Try pairing them with a skirt if you’ll looking for a truly unique way to go. Not only do these shoes provide you with a stylish and comfortable appearance, they also provide more coverage to your feet in unfavorable terrains. By pairing them with skirts, you can create the right combination that gives you a feminine, playful, and confident style. For a look that marries functionality and style, wear a knitted sweater with a chic skirt and combat boots. A black velvet top and black skirt with combat boots is a cool monochrome combo that can carry you all day long.

Knowing how to style combat boots can be tricky unless you know the styling hacks, especially considering hues. The pairing of a white turtleneck with a leather skirt makes you look graceful. A bright t-shirt and light-colored combat boots with a dark-colored mini skirt are favorite pairings for fashion-forward women. 

#4. Combat boots with a dress

You can score major style goals by rocking combat boots with a dress. When paired with dresses, these shoes can help create an unforgettable style moment, especially when you put into consideration the type of dress you pair with it. If you want to look trendy, pair your boots with a light-colored sheath dress, a sleek hat and finish off with a coat to keep the cold at bay.

Additionally, you can try wearing a bright maxi dress with boots for a relaxed, casual outfit with a modern twist. Finally, if you’re aiming for an elegant fit but with a dash of unconventionality, rock a white slip dress with a tweed jacket, classic pearls, and these boots. No one will see that coming!

#5. Combat boots with tights

If you want to add charm to your look, combat boots with tights are one of the best options. With classic and contemporary designs, tights are always an interesting addition to almost any ensemble and when you add combat boots to the mix, the entire look goes to a new level. Plus, when you add the benefit of warmth, there’s no reason why this look shouldn’t be seen on you this season. 

A camel coat and tights with black combat boots look beautiful, just as a black coat and black tights combo can give you an effortless slay. Also, you can try pairing a puffer jacket with leather tights for a strong look that is simply irresistible. 

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There are many ways to wear combat boots and look fashionable. With the right pairing, they can highlight any outfit. Try wearing different outfits and see which suits you the best, and then add your personal touch to make it even more unique.

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