ood, family, romance. These are a few of our favorite things, especially during Thanksgiving. And when you welcome fashion into the mix, you can easily see how stepping out for events becomes a pleasurable experience. There’s no better time to try out all the fall fashion trends the year 2022 has to offer than during Thanksgiving. Whether on a budget or not, these outfits pack a punch and are sure to have you celebrating the festivities in maximum style. So rest in this truth and know that you can look urban chic this holiday season without going over and beyond.

When scheming your Thanksgiving outfit ideas, it’s important to think outside the box. A basic cardigan or denim look just doesn’t cut it anymore. Although dressing up in comfortable ensembles is an unspoken thanksgiving rule, a chic fashion sense shouldn’t be left aside either. From family dinners to casual outdoor meetups, there’s always an outfit to keep your style ahead of the pack.

Check out 15 Thanksgiving outfit ideas that are as chic as they are comfy…

#1. A tweed or plaid piece for cocktails

Whether it’s a mini plaid skirt or blazer, this pattern currently has the entire fashion world in a chokehold. Some choose a monochrome ensemble, while others play it safe with plaid accessories. One thing that’s agreeable among all parties is that a handy plaid piece incorporated into your fall capsule wardrobe speaks volumes.

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#2. A sweater vest for a picnic

While a sweater is almost a cliché fall choice, they boast warmth, style, and personality when styled right. Infusing the piece as a Thanksgiving outfit idea highlights its versatility, and will always win its place on any chilly season’s table. Dress it up over a cotton blouse with a mini pleated skirt, silk slip, or Khaki shorts, and every look will always be a solid hit.

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#3. A ribbed dress for a family trivia event

Nothing allows creative freedom like a ribbed sweater dress. They do a good job accentuating the silhouette while leaving enough dress-up options. You can also add a pair of tights if the weather seems more chilly than usual.

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#4. Pajamas set for a field day with the family

Most individuals want to keep their style comfortable for Thanksgiving, so much so that they could sleep in the fit if need be. A pajama set is both comfortable and trendy, and you can sprinkle in feather details for extra flair. This is an exceptional option for the plus-size woman.

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#5. A pair of denim magic for a community football event

When you’re not in the dressy spirits but still wouldn’t want to show up looking like you missed the memo, nice jeans, a statement blazer, and sneakers swear to keep your Thanksgiving look elevated.

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#6. Cropped jacket set for an intimate day in or out with your partner

If you’ve been paying attention, you’d notice that cropped suits/blazers and sets are making waves this season. Opt for the mini skirt suit in neutral tones to depict understated elegance.

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#7. Button-down leather top for a food competition

A great way to get on board with cold weather fashion is to don yourself with leather ensembles. A utilitarian leather shirt is one of the most practical Thanksgiving outfit ideas this season. They can be worn with leather pants/skirts for an edgy finish, or softened with neutral-hued shorts, or worn over a chic dress. What’s your pick?

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#8. A floral dress for Thanksgiving dinner

These are timeless numbers with so much personality. A maxi floral dress cinched at the waist or a knee-length option with exaggerated sleeves always comes correct for any occasion.

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#9. Denim overalls for brunch with the girls

For Thanksgiving outfit ideas that easily steal the show, a denim overall is a way to go. Prior, they were a kid’s favorite casual fit, but fast forward to 2022, and you realize this timeless denim pick is an easy win. Style with a t-shirt, cable knit sweater, or stylish blouse. You can also play with colorful accessories, platform sandals, or fancy pumps for an eclectic outlook.

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#10. A knit dress for an outdoor music concert

Most fashion enthusiasts have at least one of these beauties strung up in their closets. A long or midi knit dress is the moment. Choose the long sleeve or cut-out design to reinforce your fashion girl status.

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#11. Oversized sweater for a cozy movie night with your partner

These sweater variants score major style points on the style streets. For your casual chic Thanksgiving outfit ideas, pair oversize braided sweaters with thigh-high boots and denim shorts.

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#12. A maxi dress for an unpredictable date night

Nope. We’re not surrendering dresses on the platter of cold seasons. The simple trick lies in layering. Style with a turtleneck top or jacket, and watch the fit fall into place.

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#13. A shacket for a family scavenger hunt

We already know shackets are instrumental for the chilly weather, and one of the simplest Thanksgiving outfit ideas out there. This means you have to employ creative styling if the aim is to stand out. Think oversized shackets as a dress, accentuate the waist with a thin belt, or pair it with interesting pants and heels.

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#14. Bring out the pleated minis for a party in the big city

A mini skirt is one styling tool that keeps every season interesting. Opt for a mini skirt styled with leather boots and a sweater vest for an evening of style. Never miss an opportunity to pull off a mini-skirt look in times of doubt.

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#15. Wide-leg pants for hayrides

Wide-leg bottoms are the moment, there’s nothing understating about them. Style with a bodysuit, oversize shirt, or both for a tad streetwear vibe.

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