When you think of summer colors, blinding hues such as yellow, lemon, and pink are quick to mind. But did you know that the season is equally as favorable to muted tones like beige? Yes. This season, style influencers have found a witty way to wear beige in summer and we’re totally here for it. Read on to discover how.

It’s not just the fashion industry that has caught the beige fever, this neutral tone has become popular in the interior design circle as well. As the all-white home trends slowly give way, people are now showing more interest in beige walls and furniture. The beauty world is also not left out with the craze for neutral-toned saturating the air. Simply put, it’s the beige revolution and everyone’s getting aboard.

What is beige color?

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Although beige comes in a plethora of shades, each one is soft enough to steal your heart without your consent. According to Wikipedia, “beige is variously described as a pale sandy fawn color, a grayish tan, a light-grayish yellowish brown, or a pale to grayish yellow.” Notice the subtlety in each variation?

This calmness of tone gives beige favor over some other tones in the area of versatility, timelessness, and luxe appeal. Have you noticed that when rocked correctly a beige outfit can be the instant slay definer you needed to make an effortless fashion statement? Well, that’s all thanks to the unique tone.

When thinking of how to wear beige in summer, the starting point is to emphasize the lightness of the season and pair it with other interesting colors. This is because the psychology of colors teaches us that muted tones often carry a certain weight, so we can walk around this by opting for lightweight fabrics and/or bright tones. For instance, if you’re going for a full-on beige monochrome outfit in summer, then it’s wise to do so in light fabrics. Never pair heavy fabrics and dull colors in summer. That’s not just the vie of the season.

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#1. Wear as separates

Sticking to the psychology of color advice above, wear your beige outfit as a separate to give you room to incorporate some color. Perhaps, a beige top with green pants or classic blue denim. This method works well with not only balancing the hues and weight but can easily make things a whole lot more interesting. 

#2. Try a monochrome look

Although it’s summer and color is the name of the game, there’s still room for a monochrome look if done right. For one, you can build an ensemble around various shades of beige in a bid to intrigue the eyes and mind. Another way is to rock a coordinated set of similar hues and then bring that to life with unexpected textures. This can be done through the smart use of accessories. Lala Anthony has nailed a solid look above. 


#3. Use accessories

Considering that beige works well with almost every color under the sun, there’s no risk of complementing it wrongly. Therefore, when thinking of how to wear beige in summer, proceed with your colorful summer outfit and accessorize with beige. Think hats, belts, shoes, bags, sunglasses, etc. You really can’t get this wrong.

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