If there’s one thing that always stands out in fashion and style, it’s statement-making motifs and patterns. Paying homage to this in luxurious and earthy ways, floral prints are currently at a seasonal high. Taking the style scene in full bloom this spring, the timeless textile is undoubtedly one to explore.

From bright bouquet templates to intricate and dainty pastels, floral prints come in various designs and colors. Despite its tropical and predictable identity, the alluring fabric also has a delicate edge to its appearance. Dressed to kill

With a classic yet contemporary take on style staples like mini and midi dresses, wide-leg trousers, and statement blouses, the ’80s inspired print is a must-have! Although its versatility is often flaunted in springtime, its vibrant effect manages to capture the hearts of fashionistas through summer. That is to say, you can steal a winning look through this season and well into summer! Sounds good enough.

Also, by creating a sense of flexibility for warm-weather trends, you can count on floral prints for optimum style.

Here are 3 tips on how to rock florals this season

#1. Build your vibe with florals

In making choices on ensembles within a floral yardstick, your options can be limitless. This, of course, depends on the vibe and persona you may want to portray. For instance, a micro-strap midi dress and sheer overcoat will do if you’re going for a whimsical look. On the other hand, a fierce approach would be to pair your favorite corset-top-two-piece with a black turtleneck and thigh-high boots quite like singer Monica Brown has done above. This option is great because it’s a witty juxtaposition of edge and subtlety.  

#2. Pair with complementing solid colors

Also, when paired with solid colors, the radiance of floral prints is magnified. Think iridescent tinges of yellow, red, and green on a floral material, paired with matching yellow shoes. In the same vein, minimalistic colors like white and black also work well with florals, helping to illuminate their features. Take inspiration from South Africa’s Zovuyo Msutwana below as she has used the complementing solid color green to her advantage. 

#3. Accessorize with the perfect amount of Je ne sais quoi  

To top a floral outfit off with a bang, clear-cut accessories that stand out in details matter. Also, you can incorporate neutral and pastel-colored bags and shoes for an ultra-feminine floral look. However, when styled with uber-chic items like tiny totes, bold sunglasses, and heeled mules, fashion influencer status is guaranteed.

So, in the spirit of uplifting your mood this spring with a hint of fun through exciting prints, florals are a must-have––and we’ve got you covered. 

Check out 20 ways to storm the style scene in floral prints this summer…

Mini dresses

One thing that makes floral mini dresses so special is how easily you can toggle between various “styles” depending on how you style them. Whether you opt for sneakers for a comfy day look or you turn to sandals for date night, in both cases the respective results are always killer. Oh yes, the maximum show of legs is also a plus! 

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Midi & maxi dresses

Extra lengths are great for spring and it’s not just because they evoke an easy-breezy-beautiful vibe. We all know that this season can be notorious for shifting between temperatures throughout the day, so it doesn’t hurt to have an extra covering, howbeit, light. Depending on your desired look, you’ll find that boots are a great way to style ankle-length options as they work well on both flowy and fitted numbers. 

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As mentioned earlier, combining floral prints with solid colors is a great way to style the pattern, that’s where separates come in. This option is perfect for when prim and proper isn’t the vibe you’re aiming for and you’ll choose functionality over chicness. Of course, it all boils down to the day’s activities. If your day will be filled with heavy movements, then opt for pants (whether in floral prints or solid tones) and pair that with the opposite as a top. For example, Chicama has nailed such a look below. 

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