t is almost impossible to believe that a hat that was once worn by fishermen centuries ago for sun protection has become a trend worth trying out. The ’90s are new again and bucket hats are not left out of this party. From interesting textures to hues, crafty designs to styles, bucket hats are indeed a summer essential to try this season.

Bucket hats are one of those ’90s timeless pieces we’ve refused to lose our grip on and why should we, really? This nostalgic and stylish hat elevates a look with a vintage edge and we are so in love with them. While the buzz is on, we must admit bucket hats are not the easiest or most effortless look to pull off but once done right, the result is a win.

When it comes to styling bucket hats, there are several routes to take however, the first step is to plan to play up the quirkiness of the hat with your ensemble. The unique structure of this hat means that it may not fare well in every ensemble, so it’s important to bring it out to play in a look it can win. For instance, casuals and elevated casuals are an easy way to go. In the first instance, you may decide to work your bucket hat into a summer-appropriate look such as Bermuda shorts paired with a chic blouse and platform sandals. Otherwise, play down the ‘seriousness’ of a suit with a pair of sneakers and an equally unserious bucket hat. It’s summer, and fun is most certainly welcome!

Check out 5 trending ways to wear a bucket hat in total style…

#1. Bucket hat with t-shirt and jeans

T-shirts and jeans are a classic that we are all aware of by now. They are so comfortable, effortless, and yet, stylish. Take this combo a notch higher with a bucket hat and edgy accessories. Speaking of accessories, you can go the fierce route with statement sunglasses, jewelry as well as shoes, and bag, or you can play it laid back with minimalism.

#2. Bucket hat with a sultry two-piece

A sultry two-piece set paired with a bucket hat is that perfect night-out outfit needed to bring sexy back. If you’re not feeling a little dressy, slide into sneakers to tone it down a bit. Any way you choose works perfectly. We Stan!

#3. Bucket hat with a blazer and wide-legged pants

A blazer and wide-legged pants are a staple in many closets and perfect for a boss lady vibe. However, did you know you can pair this staple with a stylish bucket hat? This combination, especially with printed bucket hats, is too sophisticated for words.

#4. Bucket hat in a denim affair

Dressing up in full-on denim is a whole mood but while at it, throw a denim bucket hat to effectively seal the deal. This is one of the stylish ways to wear a bucket hat that will elevate your style game with little effort.

#5. A bucket hat plus a slip dress

Do fashion justice in a never-wrong slip dress with a bucket hat. Regardless of the color of the dress you choose, a bucket hat will sit right in style. However, should you decide to rock a rich print dress, you may keep your hat subtle. Otherwise, play a monochrome game like Jojo has done below for an effortless ensemble.

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