ne of our favorite things about weddings is fashion. From the bride to the groom and guests, everyone seems to get the memo to show up in their wedding best. We could say that it’s the beautiful array of colors and the unapologetic display of personal styles that have us stocked, however, that would only be a piece of the pie as everything about weddings is as dreamy as it is fashionable. dress ideas for bridesmaids.

On the other hand, as beautiful as all these may sound, it is by no means an easy task. There’s choosing the date, sending the invites, following up with invitees, booking the venue, catering services…whew! In between all these, a bride often skips her bridesmaids’ outfits until the last minute. While this is never a good idea, we are also aware of the enormous responsibility of planning a wedding. To avoid this, it is advisable that the bride delegates the task of her bridesmaids’ outfits to her maid of honor and have her ladies decide how they prefer to slay without upstaging her.

To save you the time of digging through countless bridesmaid dress ideas, we have curated this special with dresses your bridesmaids would swoon over. From blacks to blues, sheer embroideries to rich velvets, these looks are well-coordinated, exude class and elegance, and above all, possess a vibe that would appeal for years to come. You’re welcome.

Here are 26 inspiring dresses for bridesmaids that speak timeless elegance…

Luxe Appeal

Your girls can look like they stepped out from the scene of a high-budget fairytale wedding in dresses that scream luxe. Form-fitting options encrusted with embellishments are a hit in this regard. As a result of the statement details, it’s a good idea to keep hair and makeup toned down in order to balance out the entire look. 

Simple X Classic

Oh, the timelessness of these dresses! If you’re on the market for pieces that will look as in vogue a decade from now as they do today, then simple, classic options are a good idea. Yup, even your kids will look at the pictures and think mum’s friends sure understand the style game. You can add some flair to the ensemble with a glam makeover and accessories but remember to tread with caution as going over the top could defeat the “classic vibe.”


Contemporary X Chic

For the girls who want to ride the full force of the trendy train, a relevant, contemporary dress is the answer. Look out for interesting cuts and unconventional designs that have their place firmly in today’s style space. And yes, their hair and makeup are equally as important.

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