To be honest, I believe that summer date outfits are much more flexible than other seasons. Being able to get dressed and not worry too much about the cold or unexpected rains is liberating, and one of the perks of dressing up during summer. Plus, the good-time-ready climate of summer offers a solid reason to try out more daring and interesting date outfits that may seem out of place at other times.

Usually, the puzzle starts days in advance when you think about what to wear: the burgundy dress, the tweed pants, the sheer jumpsuit…whatever could be right? Knowing what outfit to wear for your date night this summer is vital. This is because you don’t want to show up in the wrong outfit for the season and risk looking like a fish out of water.

Of course, when choosing an outfit the key dates of your rendezvous play a central role. For example, an evening picnic together could require a maxi skirt as this is a practical and beautifully feminine solution. For a candlelight dinner, however, a sexy pencil skirt or dress would be a fine choice. And when it gets sporty, grab your pants. White jeans, a fancy shirt, and sneakers look stylish without looking overdressed.

If he leaves you in the dark about his date plans and wants to surprise you, take it easy and rely on a harmless, classic outfit like a pair of pants plus a chic blouse that looks stylish. You can finish off your look with comfortable high-heeled sandals or pumps. Your glam face beat and statement handbag should assist in stealing the show irrespective of where he takes you.

Check out a few summer date outfit ideas to keep you stylishly en vogue…

#1. Daytime Casual Date: Sporty vibes

If the destination requires something lighthearted, fun, and practical, then a sporty ensemble should be your call. Perhaps, you both are going to watch your favorite team play or you’ll be taking a casual walk in the park, these are good reasons to play the sports card. In addition, it’s also important to consider how often you’d move around in order to choose the most appropriate footwear.

#2. Daytime Lunch Date: Elevated Casuals

So, he just invited you to grab drinks with him, his friends, and their girlfriends? Great! On this occasion, elevated casuals are the right choice. You don’t want to look as though you spent all the time trying to out-dress the other girls, and nor do you want to come off like you didn’t make an effort. The sweet spot is between the two ends. As a general rule, lunch date outfits should up the casual flair whether with a dress, pants, or shorts.


#3. Night Time Date: Dinner ready

You’re having something intimate that requires you to stare into each other’s eyes all night. Do that in an outfit that’s tasteful and sexy, he’ll be glad he’s spending his time with you. In addition, it’s also wise to consider that you’ll have a munch here and there, as well as a few glasses of wine so give room for a slight belly bulge. (Yes, we all have it and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.) More often than not, a feminine dress, like a slip dress, should do the trick. However, feel free to explore other options as your creativity demands.


#4. Night Time Date: Sexy Vibes

If you’re going clubbing or to a party, an uber-sexy number is the magic dial code. In between the drinks and dance, you’d need something that’s flirty yet dependable to hold its own all through the night. Think mini skirts with skimpy blouses, a cut-out dress that reveals just enough skin, or a bodycon mini number that accentuates your curves. But bear in mind that there’s a fine line between sexy and skanky and we don’t want you to cross it. Simply put, don’t come off as desperate.

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