hen freedom meets à la mode, that’s a highly coveted fashion state. Maxis are an all-time summer classic, and their lengthy impact never gets old. Right now, maxis are beyond trends but are inarguably the summer staple that keeps giving. A sleek maxi dress, dark stony sunglasses, and straw-made accessories might be the official beach day uniform, but there’s more to styling maxis for maximum results.

These are not just perfect for a hot sunny day, they can also be worn from the beach to a party with ease. If you’re thinking of summer dresses to invest in, maxi dresses are your best bet. Once you purchase them, they are on lockdown—season after season. That is to say, there’s no fear of going out of style. how to style maxi dress in summer.

Check out SR-approved ways to style your maxi dress this summer… 

#1. Think in volumes

There’s a prepared feel that a layered or cottage core maxi dress renders. If you opt for these, you could choose to keep the sleeves light for balance. In addition, a relaxed footwear that doesn’t try to take attention away from the voluminous dress is a smart complement.


#2. Pretty in pleats

Add that extra spice to your “lazy day” frock with pleats. They are super classy and can take you from beach walks to evening dinners in a second. Plus, the pleats give your maxi an interesting detail to mesmerize the eyes and mind. 


#3. Structured maxis

When it comes to attending a formal event in maxis, it should be done with the utmost skill. One way to do it is to wear a maxi fit with a structured shoulder or square things up by infusing a blazer to the look. They give off a sophisticated regal vibe.


#4. Printastic maxis

Although a ubiquitous wardrobe piece, there are ways to style maxis; even the printed counterparts. Opt for high-low or clashing prints to elevate your vacay closet. From geometric prints to polka dots, there are countless summer maxis available for grabs.


#5. Keep it belted

Slipping into summer maxis isn’t farewell to your baddie silhouette. A simple belt could switch things up and ready a style girl’s confidence to strut into formal events like famous summer weddings. Plus, they keep the waist cinched and are detachable. Win-win.

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