The right pair of jeans/denim pieces can instantly make your style dreams come true. Their epic versatility means they look great on all body types and work for all style personalities. Pretty much like avocado and everything. Certainly, a true wardrobe staple in all its glory. This summer, style stars are raising the dike on the ways they style denim pieces and we thought it wise to catch you up.

From pants to jackets, skirts to shorts, it’s easy to make denim pieces even more special because they come in so many unique designs and cuts. Think patchwork, double pattern, graphic stained, distressed, soft, and hard fabrics, oversized, and well-tailored. The list goes on and on.

Owning and being able to style this fashion item in various ways is a skill that’s beyond trend and class. Denim pieces are among those rare fashion pieces that are both trendy and classic, making them universal wardrobe staples as people with different tastes in fashion have a common love for them.

Styling tip:

There are so many ways to wear your denim, and the only limitation you have is your creativity. What matters most is that you style them uniquely for each occasion and style them right. As with any look, nailing the perfect look boils down to how you style it with the right accessories and how the accessories and clothing come together to create the look you’re aiming for. Designer boots on sale.

Many fashionistas splurge on expensive accessories simply because, from designer sneakers to handbags, sunglasses and more, the right statement piece can take any look from blah to wow! But even the most affordable accessories can also help you achieve a stunning look, as long as you coordinate your pieces like a pro. And that’s what we’ll be showing you today.

To help you slay your denim look and shop the right pieces for this season, we’ve curated some of the most versatile premium and designer accessories––from shoes to handbags––as seen on your favorite celebrities and style influencers around the world.

Check out amazing ways to style your denim like a certified Style Raven…

#1. Add swag with pants

Style tip: A teeny-weeny crop top paired with loose-fitting denim pants makes one heck of a look. For an extra edge, tie your sandals over your pants across your ankles. 

Style tip: Textures, when done correctly, are a great way to add some detail to your look. Maximize its impact by adding a pop of color just like Alexandra Lapp

Style tip: A crisp white boyfriend shirt and denim pants always result in a style take that’s made in fashion heaven. Play up the casual angle with sneakers

Style tip: It’s the season of color so your closet should represent this! While you can totally go full-on brightness from head to toe, we recommend creatively enlivening your ensemble with a single tone. For instance, yellow is both refreshing and eye-catchy. Gets the job done. 

Style tip: If laid-back chic is the goal, then throw on a loose blazer. 

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#2. Coordinate your look

Style tip: As stated earlier, denim pants paired with a boyfriend shirt is a winning look. But you can also pair the same shirt with your co-ord denim set for an equally winning look.

Style tip: Lengths can be your best friend when it comes to layering in style, as well as weight. Considering that denim is a heavy fabric, you can wear it with a lighter fabric in order to balance out the weight. Additionally, rock your waist-length jean jacket with a plain long shirt to please the eyes.  

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#3. Play flirty with skirts 

Style tip: A tee-shirt and jean mini skirt is an easy way to style denim. Up the flair a bit by tying the shirt in a knot behind and finish off with a bucket hat. Baby girl vibes!

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#4. Dress up in dresses and jumpsuits 

Style tip: Layering several pieces of jewelry is a tried-and-proven way to style denim. If you opt for a tube dress, the #neckmess trend is your surefire way to get the best of both worlds. Don’t forget your statement earrings and rings to tie the look nicely together.

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#5.  Dare to be functional in shorts 

Style tip: Tuck your print shirt into your denim shorts and elevate with complementary-toned shoes and a bag.

Style tip: Blend the casual air of your favorite denim shorts with the boss vibe of your blazer for a truly sensational slay. Finish off with simple sandals to elongate your legs. 

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#6. Up your cool with jackets 

Style tip: One easy way to style denim is to throw on a long denim jacket and pair that with sexy thigh-high boots. It creates an unbroken denim view and is great for a timeout with the girls.  

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