Are you thinking about buying a Wedding band for someone else? Are you thinking about replacing It? We put together a breakdown of things to consider when buying a wedding ring.

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Things to Consider Before Buying A Wedding Band

What you do in your daily life has a great influence on what kind of ring you should buy because your wedding band is an accessory that is worn on the hand and your hands come into contact with so many things each day.

Head design: The top of a wedding ring is called the head. It’s the part of the ring that stones are usually set into. It can be high or low depending on the design. A higher head gives diamonds more sparkle because it allows more light exposure, the downside is that the ring gets caught on everything. Also, a high head design can cause the ring to suffer prong or stone damage over time.

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Setting style: There are different ways to set a stone into a ring. The most common type of setting is a prong setting, which is great for enhancing the sparkle of a stone. On the opposite side, the prongs catch clothing easily. A bezel setting, which is a smooth strip of metal wrapped around the stone, may be more practical, but it doesn’t always look as clean as a prong setting.

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  • Metal Type: The type of metal you decide to buy is important. The price, durability, and appearance are all factors you should consider. For instance, a sterling silver ring is very cheap in comparison to gold and platinum, but it will tarnish and scratch over time. In contrast, stainless steel is very durable and affordable, but its toughness makes it difficult to size. For gold, the purer the gold the content, the softer the metal. 10 and 12k gold are hardier and cheaper, while 14k and upwards will be softer and bendable. High-karat gold has its benefits, however; it’s a great option for individuals who have metal allergies because gold is naturally hypoallergenic.
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Stone Type: The type of stone you choose to get should be dependent on its durability, since it needs to withstand daily wear. If you’re careful with your jewelry, then you can consider soft and fragile gems such as pearls and opals. If you want to be more careless with your rings, then harder gems such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are a better alternative.

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