When planning a Nigerian wedding, the food is one of the things you need to take your time to prepare to get it right with the taste, choices, and presentation.

Before you make any decision, make sure you are working closely with your caterer to ensure you feel comfortable with your wedding menu options. 

Food To Expect In A Nigerian Wedding.

1. Jollof Rice: If there is no Jollof rice on the menu then there is no party. Jollof rice is the king of all Nigerian meals on any occasion. How can you not have jollof at your wedding?

Nigerian Wedding

2. Fried Rice: This delicacy is commonly served side by side with jollof rice and also tastes different.


3. Moin-Moin: This spicy leaf wrapped delicacy is served alongside Jollof and fried rice. What is jollof rice without moin-moin?

4. Tribal food: This kind of food is popularly called swallow. They are served with different soups to go with them. E.g. Amala and Ewedu, pounded yam and efo etc.. This is for your guests who are ready to wash their hands and go to work.

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Pounded Yam and efo riro

5. Small chops are appetizers served at Nigerian weddings. These may include puff puff, samosas, chicken kebab, asun, mini sausage rolls, fish rolls etc.. depending on your budget.

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