Accessories help enhance your clothing and overall appearance, and some outfits seem incomplete or less appealing without them. Hence, these ornaments are wardrobe essentials significant to your daily styling. Furthermore, they make dressing up a fun and enjoyable experience, especially for those who love trying on different looks and styles using the same clothing items.

In the grand scheme of ‘fashion things,’ the right accessories can be the trusted ally you need to breathe new life into an otherwise basic look. Not only do they tie an ensemble nicely together, but they can also evoke the specific vibe you’re going for. Whether that’s chic, bohemian, sexy, or maybe dramatic, you can use these fashion collaborators to maximum effect.

Have you ever stared at your favorite celebrities and wondered how they manage to effortlessly sport killer looks every single time? Meanwhile, you can barely decide what to wear to the office tomorrow! Of course, we know they have a robust glam team but the question is; how do their stylists manage? On many occasions, the secret is good accessories! Luckily for you, today, we’ll be sharing five professional tips on how to effectively accessorize your outfits in order to elevate your style. Don’t you just love us?

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#1. Add variety to your accessory options

Accessories aren’t limited to jewelry, and you can explore other types to add variety to your outfits. For instance, hats, scarves, belts, shoes, and bags from Scanlan Theodore accessories can add visual interest to your attire. While all of these items are functional, they may also be considered aesthetic elements of your outfit. Hence, you’ll need to carefully select what would go well with your choice of clothing.

Additionally, in order to determine which functional accessory would go well with your outfit, you’ll need to consider the occasion, weather, and activities you’ll engage in. For instance, a scarf would look great and add more comfort in cold weather to protect and also accessorize the neck area. On the other hand, you may also consider using it to protect your shoulders from direct sunlight while wearing a dress on a hot sunny day.

#2. Select accessories based on your clothing

The first step in selecting the right accessories to power up your look is to consider what you’re wearing. The type of clothing you wear, whether formal or casual, can help you narrow down your options. For example, formal workwear pairs nicely with classic and minimal accessories such as stud earrings, wristwatches, rings, or an understated necklace. Meanwhile, casual outfits allow more freedom for accessorizing, though you’ll have to maintain balance and harmony. Popular accessories for casual outfits include statement necklaces, cocktail rings, hair accessories, scarves, and bangles. Depending on your clothing style, you can choose to go heavy or light on accessories.

#3. Select an area to accentuate

Accessories are best used to accentuate a specific part of your body. It’s an excellent way to maintain visual balance and highlight the most flattering parts of your figure or attire. Take, for example, how a statement belt can help accentuate your waistline. This accessory will not only serve as an adornment to your dress, skirt, or pants but will also give you an hourglass silhouette that’s flattering and slimming.

In the same sense, choosing one area as the main focus will help you avoid going overboard with accessories. Having too many highlighted areas will make you look too busy and may take away from the visual appeal of your ensemble.

#4. Go for bold and neutral combinations

Another way to achieve visual balance in your outfit is to combine bold accessories and neutral clothing or vice versa. Neutral clothing, as an example, can serve as a backdrop for statement jewelry or signature bags and shoes. Moreover, trendy clothes in bright colors are best complemented by simple, muted accessories.

You can wear thick bangles in bright colors if you’re wearing neutral clothing or muted colors such as white, cream, beige, or gray. Contrariwise, wear bright-colored clothes with understated metallic accessories or those with smaller gemstones for a balanced look.

#5. Find alternative ways to wear your accessories

Every A-list stylist knows that repurposing is key. Therefore, explore other ways to wear the accessories you currently have in your wardrobe to add variety to your outfit choices. Doing so will help you make the most out of what you currently have. By avoiding unnecessary purchases, you save money in the long run. In addition, it can be a fun and exciting experience to use your creativity in repurposing your favorite items.

For instance, you can wear your ring as a pendant on a necklace made of the same metal. Otherwise, add it as an adornment to a charm bracelet. Lastly, that ring can also find its way on a mini-scarf used as a hair accessory. These are just some examples of how an accessory can be switched up in creative ways, thus, giving room to express your fashion sense in ways you’ve never tried before.

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A final thought

Getting creative with your favorite accessories is a fun and enjoyable way of expressing your style. Moreover, proper accessorizing helps you enhance your clothing, frame, and overall appearance. Thus, it’s essential to select the best pieces that suit your attire. Finally, it’s vital to find the right balance when choosing accessories to achieve your desired visual appeal.

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