hen it comes to the print scarf, there are countless options and diverse ways to wear them. From the classic wrap-around necks to headgear, there is certainly no shortage of inspiration with this piece. What’s more, the print scarf is totally high fashion and can glam up just about any look. With a little creativity and daring-ness, any ensemble can be given a new flair with this trend. 

Choosing to embrace this trend is like splashing colors on your wardrobe, especially if your closet is in dire need of some revival. (No shame, we’ve all been there). Considering the diverse options available — botanical prints, animal prints, florals, and even prints that can’t be boxed into a nomenclature — you’ll be sleeping on a serious style statement if you let this trend pass you by.

Check out 5 ways to style a print scarf like a serious pro…

1. Solid colors X the print scarf

Interesting prints are all the rave and for good reason. They evoke feelings of strength and wonder and are perfect for ladies who want to make a statement. If you are considering dipping your toe into the print scarf waters, pair a print scarf with solid colors. It looks amazing. 


2. Wear it like a sash

A print scarf would do the magic so you can style it as a sash. For that extra fit, throw on a belt at the mid-region to flatter your figure and create an hourglass frame. Go on style star, create your magic. 


3. As a scarf top

I know you’re probably thinking, “a scarf top in fall?” Yes, you can totally rock it. However, layer your print scarf top with your favorite jacket, coat, or sweater for all the autumn vibe you need to get going. After all, you sure don’t want to freeze in the name of fashion. Plus, this looks good on camera, for sure.


4. Rock it as a head scarf

Well, it’s a scarf remember? Sometimes we forget. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or not, stylishly wrapping a print scarf around your head can switch up even the simplest of outfits. In addition, it gives off a regal vibe without even trying. Roll out the carpet, the queen arrives. 


5. Wrap the print scarf around your neck

This might sound cliché but its possibilities can not be exhausted. A print scarf can serve as both a warmer and a stylish tweak to your ensemble. It is the perfect accessory not just on the neck but as a belt on the wrist. So printastic!

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