t should come as no surprise that every season requires season-appropriate shoes that not only help you stay stylish but also weather-ready. Think about it, some of what works for winter will be less practical in spring and vice versa. Therefore, as the temps change, your footwear should also switch up as consistently as your clothing. For spring 2022, there’re some stunning shoe trends making giant strides and we thought it fitting that you should know about them. 

Statement platforms, boots, sneakers, and more are some of the spring shoe trends for 2022 that will make both your feet and overall look ultra-stylish once they make their way into your wardrobe. Plus, these shoes are versatile enough to please even the most demanding stylists as they elevate your entire ensemble to god-tier status. While you can totally rock them in any hue imaginable, trendsetters seem to be sticking to season-appropriate colors. Perhaps, this is due to the obsessive craze for bright tones seeing we’re transitioning from the duller colors of winter. 

Check out the top 5 shoe trends for spring 2022 majestically strutting right now… 

#1. Spring colored sneakers

The direction of sneakers this season is blinding bright hues. Think pinks, oranges, yellows, baby blues, etc. The goal is to stick to colors that amplify the season while offering a refreshing look. When it comes to pairing these sneakers, they’re no rules as we’re seeing a visual delight in every stylish way possible. On one hand, style stars are playing the matching game. On the other hand, many are making a case for color blocking

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#2. Crocs

Yes, you read that right! The ugly shoes are in and everyone’s hopping aboard. Considering the rate at which crocs are becoming the new LBD, it’s almost impossible to think there was a fashion scene that frowned upon them. Maybe the new craze is thanks to the updated design cross are now available in, or because a handful of celebs have turned to them for comfort. Regardless of which, we understand that when practicality meets comfort and unique design, fashion always says yes. Plus, considering that the rains are gradually descending, everyone needs a trusted waterproof footwear.

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#3. Boots

This season, it doesn’t get better than boots. From ankle boots to knee and thigh options, the stage has been set for these guys to take over. What adds to their appeal is that there’s a boot for every outfit imaginable, thus, you have no need to compromise on the overall vibe. For instance, whether you’re opting for a rugged country look or a sleek urban feel, you can easily find a boot to match that flair. 

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#4. Platforms

We know you’ve seen them too so there’s no reason to try to convince you of their in-demand status. Platforms are the new king of the footwear world and the fad only seems to be skyrocketing. Currently, they are available in every color and design you can think of, including rich embellishments which further add to their appeal. Classic nudes or season tones? It’s all up to you 

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#5. Chic sandals

Adding to the shoe trends for spring 2022 are chic sandals. They are girly, sturdy, and pair nicely with anything! No jokes, from mini skirts to two-piece tracks, we’ve seen them effortlessly bring several looks together. While the tie-sandals are literally having a moment in the sun right now, classic options are still in. 

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