As fall brews on the horizon, it’s only fair to want to rock your summer-best to their fullest. After all, the coming seasons sure know how to conspire to keep us in “covered” clothes all day. Before we say goodbye to the warmer weather, there are a few summer streetwear trends still making waves in 2022 that demand you rock them at least once. These outfits are the melting pot of style, edge, and effortlessness, so you can bank on an impactful fashion moment every time you throw them on.

This season has seen fashion trends take a 360 turn and streetwear hasn’t been left out. Sure, no one can be blamed because after the past two years we’ve had, making a show on the streets is on most people’s to-do lists. And here is where we invoke the power of fashionable streetwear trends to help us make the kind of entrance we crave.

From the high-fashion streets of New York and London to the trendsetting streets of Lagos and Johannesburg, these trends have been spotted on fashionistas across the world. And let’s not forget how well fashion influencers make a case for them on Instagram. Simply put, if you want to make a summer streetwear impact, then these are the trends you should favor before the season ends. Yup, fashion faithfuls can attest to this.

Here are 6 of the most fashionable streetwear trends for 2022…

#1. Bold Prints

Bold prints are totally right this season as they keep things stylish and interesting. Whether it’s a shirt, kimono, pants, or dress, the wilder the prints the better. The easiest way to navigate styling bold prints is to pair them with solid colors as that ensures a well-blended ensemble. However, style stars are pushing the bar and pairing prints with prints. Feel free to choose your method.

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#2. Flared/Wide Bottoms

If you want to be rave-worthy while maintaining comfort and style, then flared bottoms are a good way to go. The comfort they bring and the effortless style appeal these pieces give off is the reason they remain a solid champ in streetwear trends.

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#3. Denim shorts

The denim shorts trend is still in on, from Bermuda shorts to the really short options that are daring but totally cool. Denim shorts are the perfect street style go-to your closet is secretly yearning for. Whether you pair it with sneakers, flat sandals, or heels, this outfit will do you well.

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#4. Crochet/Knitwear

Gradually knitwear snuck back into our wardrobes and now the high street has an abundance of these classics at generally appealing price tags and alluring colors. Crochet outfits are evolving into a staid look this year as they shapeshift to accommodate various personal styles. A worthy wardrobe staple whose place is indeed on the streets.

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#5. Leather

When it comes to streetwear trends, leather is near the holy-grail status. They are also the perfect choice for expressing individuality in the edgiest and most stylish way. Plus, they are super sexy and can be worked to suit a variety of personal preferences.

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#6. Mini skirts

Oh, the mini skirts! Aren’t they a trusted outfit that can turn up the feminine appeal? Regardless of how you style it, it’s pretty easy to make these skirts work wonders for you. From bright colors to toned-down options, pencils to pleats, every girl can find her bliss right here.

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