he essential role colors play in our closets and mood can’t be understated. And like everything in fashion, colors have their shelf life per season. While some have a brief trendy moment, others tenaciously swing across seasons with no plans of slowing down. The secret to enjoying a colorful wardrobe experience is to learn how to merge these hues in a way that they submit to your personality, mood, occasions, and season. Fall color pairings had always been toned down with relaxed hues dominant, but this is 2022 and it’s allowed to tweak the rules, because who made these rules anyway?

It’s officially time to layer up things, and if you’re not interested in taking the regular color combo routes, then choose to be more accommodating of colors that resist a lethargic chill to your wardrobe this season. Think flamboyantly bold coordinations and automatically become the diamond of fall street style. The only cold allowed is through the weather, while you balance things out with the heat emanating from your fall coordinations. That being put out of the way, the season’s official code is “go bold or stay home.”

Here are daring fall color pairings to sizzle things up a little this season…

#1. Pink and brown

We are used to brown laying claims on the fall season, but elevating your looks with a pop of pink color yanks you out of autumn’s traditional fashion. With designers flipping the norm this season, adopt the corset trend by layering on a pink corset on a brown jacket, or keep the bustiers in but make it pink.


#2. Lime and lilac

A transitional fall color pairing that preserves the colorful vibe of summer while considering the calmness of fall would be these two lovebirds. The trick is to let one shine, while significantly sprinkling the other with seasoned expertise.


#3. Cream and blue

If you have a proclivity for minimal pairings, this should be exciting. Although this color combo can either present itself loudly or in a mellow form depending on the choice of blue shade. From baby blue to cobalt, the choice is yours. Would say aye to baby blue for a minimal effect, if you ask me.


#4. Orange and blue

Add a fresh touch to your fall looks by standing out with these vibrant hues that easily blend together. This combo boasts of being a major hit among the other colors this autumn. It’s for days when you plan to spruce up the regular mood boards, and is it truly fashion if we’re not breaking the rules? A bold color-blocking move is the way to go for this combo.


#5. Black and green

To be fair, black is an all-season banger but this pair is getting lots of hype right now. The contrasting relationship between the two makes beating this trend a hard fight. But they say if you can’t beat them, you join them. Case in point. Set your moody hues down for a bit and embrace this colorful side of fall. While you could rock a full-on black outfit with minimal touches of green, there’s still room to set both colors at par, where they both meet halfway and shake hands in unity.

#6. Yellow and orange fall color pairings

A classic case of where mellow meets sunshine, that’s the balance this fall color pairing brings. Once a hue dominates the accessories and the other focuses on the clothing, they meet at a juncture named perfection.

#7. Metallic silver and white

The metallics didn’t come to play, and they are steadily wilding out at the forefront of the style game. One would think after the erratic summer season that metallic pairings would relegate to the background, but they are doggedly making waves, and we’re not even mad. Pair the metallics with grand touches of white and reach a sartorial climax.

Need more fall color pairings? Say no more!

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