here’s no denying that summer has its way of provoking enthusiasm about our wardrobe experience. We start to desire to head out more often and are interested in the trends that would spruce up our style. Think slinky cutouts to the boldest sunshades, refreshing combos accompanied by showstopping footwear, and almost everything in between. Don’t blame us, the heat sure has a way of unleashing the inner fashion baddie in us all. 

The fun thing about some trends is the way they evolve into staples, and even those that don’t give us the time of our lives for the period we’re fortunate to rock them. Thus, they make dressing up a lot more fun. This year’s summer trends are already posed to help you cause a sensation everywhere you go while you have fun in the process. When done right, they can solidify your stance as the fashion IT girl of the season, and we bet that sounds like music to your ears. As a result, we’ve curated the most notable summer 2022 fashion trends you shouldn’t let pass you by. These are the hot stuff that put a wiggle in our waists and tickles on our feet.

From shoes that elevate your ensemble to ‘sky-high’ status to quirky switches, every item in this curation will certainly keep you en vogue. While some are downright daring (and require a certain attitude to wear them well), others are more ‘approachable’ regardless of your personality. And between this wide spectrum, there’re more than enough pieces to take you through your daily activities as the summer heat draws nigh. Oh, the versatility, vibrancy, and refreshing madness this 2022 summer has in store for us all!

Check out these summer 2022 trends that have Style Rave editors packing their vacay bags already…

#1. Platform shoes

We’re towering into summer at higher heights, and the platform shoe trend is the reason why. From the Mary Jane platforms to lofty loafers, we are ready to laud this season’s staple on all fronts. Plus, every offering is a blessed mixture of comfortable and chic, which makes switching between them a lot more exciting. The new code is the higher, the better, and you better not miss.

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#2. The maxis are back

When a classic staple that defies time makes an SS22 runway cameo, it’s a pleasure to behold. The midi skirts have passed the baton to maxis — skirts or dresses — for an iconic return. This Sunday-best frequent has made a mainstream sartorial comeback, and high-end designers can’t get enough of it. From Valentino to Proenza Schouler, the lengths are sure to sweep you off your feet. Hopefully, not literally! If you’re eyeing a maxi skirt, the word is that it can be paired with a bralette to spice up the heat, or with a knit turtleneck and boots for a chilly evening outing. The styling potentials are endless.

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#3. Low-rise sass

It appears this summer’s theme would be; “how low can you go?” The style streets are buzzing with low-rise jeans and barely hanging in-there tops that readily reveal your well-toned abs. It seems like we’re in the 2000s again, as these low-rise jeans exhibit maxi logoed undies and are worn mostly with dainty crop tops. Good for you if you’ve been working out all year in order to flaunt your #bikinibod for a mere three months.

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#4. The coastal grandmother trend

Thanks to TikTok, this aesthetic is slowly gaining ground even among the Gen Z demographic. Simply put, you don’t need to be a grannie to jump on this trend, and it’s easy to recreate. Think straw or bucket hats, breezy button-down shirts, billowy maxis, relaxed khaki pants, linen caftans, and lots of neutral tones. The coastal grandmother is one of the viral summer 2022 trends that marries vintage with an effortless luxe vibe.

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#5. Sporty fashion

Athleisure pieces like the classic polo, tracksuits, whimsical varsity jackets and chunky sneakers are fast becoming the Boujee vacay options and are primed to have A-list moments this season. Rather than pedaling the threadbare sporty route of basic, consider invigorating your athleisure collection with exciting coordinates that enliven the entire look.

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#6. Underwear as outerwear

Credit to designers like Jacquemus who pivoted swimwear beyond the aqua section. One of the summer 2022 trends is layering underwear on shirts, dresses, or whatever piece that meets the eye. It seems we’re taking summer beach-ready beyond the waters now.

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#7. Colored suits

Suits are determined to fight back the extirpating effect of the work-from-home lifestyle by tendering their colorful counterparts as checkmate. This season, bright-colored suit sets are one of the main meals in the fashion cookbook. Even street style has adopted these summer 2022 trends, making suits cool outside the workspace. Hence, we make it a duty to experiment with the vast color palette.

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