t’s interesting to see the street style trends of 2022 burrow in with such an evolutionary perspective. After the vintage resurgence, there’s a nostalgic vibe the fashion world has experienced. Timeless classics like ballet flats made an evolved comeback, and schoolgirl fashion is back in. Also, make way for the edgy rebellious takes daywear has accommodated over the seasons. There is so much happening in the fall streetwear corner that it’s almost hard to keep up.

In addition, directly opposite pieces like the minis and maxis are simultaneously having their moment, reenacting the fact that there’s so much space in the sky for every trend to make its statement. While some trends came in with a bang during spring and are slowly fading into the background as the colder seasons fire on, others have constantly evolved to each season’s stipulations.

Check out these street style trends that are certainly holding it down right now…

#1. Gilets

Something about fashion is that the ball is always rolling. Gilets had never been counted as part of the coat for cool kids, but in-demand fashion designers beg to differ this year. The gilets have become one of street style’s choicest coats, and may I add — the most functional this season has seen. The evolution of winter vests may have also been influenced by the iconic Virgil Abloh, who churned out different outerwear vests. The once-ignored gilets are in and serve as the perfect layer on your cargo pants and sneakers fit.

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#2. Biker style

One of the prominent street style trends in full swing this season is the tough girl biker fashion, which is heavy on leather. Think oversize moto jackets, moto-motif gloves, and luster-less hardware. High-end designers like Alexander McQueen and Chloe leaned into this trend for their fall/winter collection, and the streets are buzzing with these edgy feminine twists.

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#3. Academia trends

If you want to relive your college-style days, now’s the time to indulge. The nostalgic academia aesthetic features pieces like mini pleated skirts, elevated loafers, Mary Janes, crew neck sweaters, and sweater vests usually worn in traditional fall hues like beige. Another way to rock this trend is to place a sweater around your shoulders, like a school kid rushing out to classes would. Infuse cottage-core staples like big collars and puffy sleeves with khaki pants for a soft balance.

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#4. Maxi hemlines

The floor-grazing frocks and column skirts are going hard this fall. If you’re big on structured looks, throw on an updated blazer, cinch the waistline with a belt, and let it flow. Belted maxi dresses are the best finds during seasonal rotations, and they come in varying colors and textures. They are easy to style and are the perfect all-season, stand-alone street style trends we are glad are still going strong.

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#5. Catsuits

Layering will always be in style, especially during fall and winter, but street style trends like catsuits encourage sartorial spontaneity, as they are the perfect all-in-one items to head out in. The catsuit resurgence is welcome, and celebrities like Lizzo might have slayed a little too much in this on-trend piece. They are known for their versatile styling options, one minute you’re ready for a night out, and the next you’re rocking a catsuit as daywear.

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#6. A midi dress with boots

It’s finally a sigh of relief to know that you can wear your mid-calf sweater dress with a boot and be considered cool. The trend, which was borne out of necessity, has become one of the street style fads on every fashionista’s plate.

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#7. Ballet flats

The girly ballet shoes are the favorite street style trends sitting on the style front row this season. Thanks to fashion house MiuMiu, ballet flats are sizzling hot now. Pair with socks, slip dresses, or boxy blazers to make this classic a grown-up affair. For a mature spin, pair with denim and tailored coats, and if you’re up for a style soiree, a mini skirt and leggings combo would do the trick.

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