he results are out and fall is already set up nicely for a successful fashion season. The view is giving anything but the barest minimum. Fall clothing trends this year come with a twist of daring inclusions that shake off the occasional moody vibe. Heavily influenced by the runways, the season is heavy on color plays, not-so-subtle 90s hints, and a slice of complementary fierceness.

This time, summer passed the baton and left debris of its carefree style on autumn’s porch. The embellishments and outlandish fabrics brought the holiday spirits closer, and these party looks are sneaking into traditional day wear.

Check out the 7 fall clothing trends for an elevated on-season closet…

#1. Shiny glam

It’s 2022, and we’re bringing the party to the streets. Sequins and their shimmery counterparts are a big part of this fall fashion season. This trend allows a fun take on styling otherwise regular outfits. Incorporating them subtly into a daytime outfit is a surefire way to elevate a look. While high-end designers like Bottega featured full-on sequinned looks in their recent collections, you could test the waters with a minimal approach by infusing sequinned accessories into solid-toned coordination.

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#2. Statement leather

Irrespective of the evolutionary mode fashion takes, leather will always be top tier when it comes to fall clothing trends. Think leather boots, coats, skirts, and frocks on a cozy autumn evening. The season’s favorite is a belted trench styled with knee-high boots and statement sunglasses, or a leather button-down shirt in muted tones. It’s not called leather-weather for nothing.

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#3. Workwear chic

Suits have come into their own this fall with neatly tailored options that are as sharp as a knife fashioned for butchery. Move straight out of the runways and into the streets with colorful boxy silhouettes that stand out effortlessly. The printed (tweed and gingham) mini skirt suits are also a fashion-forward way to up your slay game. The recent wide-hemmed pant suits are best paired with sneakers for an Uber-cool street style look. The lines are officially blurred and suits can finally be worn out of the office to the casual streets without appearing out of place.

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#4. Elevated knitwear

Knitwear will always be the unopposed highlight of fall clothing trends. The latest renditions feature statement sleeves, embellished details, edgy cutouts, asymmetric silhouettes, fuzzy minis, and the classic cable knit, which adds a feminine touch to these voguish options.

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#5. Spruced up athleisure

Blame it on the inexhaustible effect of the pandemic. Tracksuits, loungewear, and comfortable fashion have left the couch-buddy status to full-time luxe runway finds. Paris Hilton would be proud to see fun tracksuits back on the streets, as they were her signature look. Elevated joggers, sporty vests, and top-handle bowling bags are good discoveries this season. Other athletic suggestions are the side stripes embedded on dresses, pants, and jackets, which are all approved ways to participate in this trendvaganza. You can also choose to simplify your look with a pair of classy sneakers.

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#6. Biker themes

The moto and biker jackets have time-traveled back into 2022, and they’re a huge part of the recent fall clothing trends. These biker looks might come on strong, and if that’s not the goal, soften the look with a dainty pleated skirt. These looks create an adventurous vibe to your fall wardrobe—a fierce way to set your style apart.

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#7. The edge of the palette

While dopamine dressing is strong, simultaneously muted tones remain the classic go-to. This shows that fall isn’t about to be stuffed in a box. One day, dress in a bold colored set and the next a nude-toned cardigan to tap into the versatility of the season that is autumn.

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