To achieve an elevated and classy look doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing a Birkin bag, or a Versace fur coat (although an occasional splurging is not such a bad idea). When the cards are down, how you wear your outfits trumps the designer labels. Choose to be more deliberate about showing up in your best and watch your style game skyrocket.

Say goodbye to squeezing out a shirt from underneath your box, throwing it on, and trying to apply some half-baked makeup in transit. It’s true that our schedules are tight and we truly want to be stylish but if we prioritize, plan, and put to use good styling tips, our wardrobe will definitely get revamped.

That being said, there are some unintended style mistakes that automatically make your whole outfit appear trashy and cheap but with a little adjustment here and there, you’re well on your way to a boujee status upgrade.

Check out 7 common outfit mistakes that make you look cheap…

#1. Over-accessorizing

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It’s true that accessories play a huge role in your overall look, and can up the ante to even the most basic of fits. However, too much accessorizing can have the reverse effect. When playing the accessories card, the goal is to strive to balance each element while keeping your outfit in mind. That is to say, if your outfit already has a lot going on, then you should opt for simple accessories that don’t clash with your fit.

#2. Unkempt clothes

Next on the list of styling mistakes that make you look cheap are unkempt clothes. When you’re a teenager, there’re some mistakes you can get away with, but once you’re past 20, it’s not such a good idea. For instance, parading the streets with stained clothes, wrinkled clothes, dusty bags, and shoes is a no-no. Take the time to look polished and presentable, and that will serve you well.

#3. Cheap handbags

Photo: SHVETS production/Pexels

It’s better to own two good bags than a closet full of poor-quality handbags that make you look cheap. A good finishing touch every ensemble needs is the right handbag, and if we can’t tell if it’s a handbag or suitcase or if the fabric is plain old drab, best believe that the flair you desire is unattainable.

#4. Visible bra strap

Photo: Angshu Purkait/Pexels

Instead of being so self-conscious in public and tugging at your rebellious bra strap every five minutes, why not wear a strapless bra or use fabric tape to hold it in place? A revealing bra strap looks tacky and can ruin a killer outfit. This is one of the outfit mistakes that make you look cheap. To think it’s totally avoidable.

#5. Wearing ill-fitting clothes

Photo: Kirill Ozerov/Pexels

When you wear clothes that are too big or too tight, you end up appearing dowdy. The beauty in any clothing is in its fitting and ill-fitting ones make you look cheap and unstylish. This is not to say that all loose outfits are unstylish, but when wearing a loose fit ensure that it sits properly.

#6. Scratched sunglasses

Photo: Nadi Lindsay/Pexels

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Givenchy sunglasses, once you scratch the lens it automatically reduces in value. Sunglasses are at the forefront of your accessories and can’t be hidden. A visible scratch or damage on it would make you look cheap and that’s why it’s advised that you put your sunglasses in cases at all times except when you’re wearing them. That way, they’ll last longer whether or not they really are affordable.

#7. Wearing your cap backward

Photo: Aman Jakhar/Pexels

Unless your cap is hindering you from carrying out a task safely, don’t wear it backward or sideways. It just doesn’t look put together. As stated previously, it doesn’t matter the brand name because this singular act will surely make you look cheap, childish, and outdated. That should drive home the point, hopefully.

Bonus tips:

  • Get rid of any loose thread and sew any visible tear neatly with a thread that’s the same color as the fabric.
  • Replace missing buttons. It may seem insignificant but it’s more obvious than you think.
  • Have a pedicure every once in a while. Imagine putting all these tips and more to work only to have it ruined by unkempt toenails. Urgh!
  • If it’s no longer crisp white after a series of washing profusely, stop wearing it.

How you wear a piece is more important than the designer’s name stamped on it. Break free from these styling mistakes that make you look cheap, and elevate your look instantly.

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