he big day is just around the corner, and your bridal look is almost complete. All that is missing is the right pair of earrings to complete your perfect “I do” style. The bridal earrings you choose have the power to transform your look, while effortlessly enhancing your natural beauty, so choose wisely. From classic to modern, bohemian, to ultra-glamorous, there is a perfect pair of bridal earrings out there for every type of bride, and we’ve selected our top choices.

Check out 7 trendy bridal earrings for today’s fashionable bride…

#1. Hoop earrings

These large circular earrings can feature details such as colored gems, pearls, or florals, and have always been a popular choice among brides. If you prefer a more classic look, opt for a simple pair of gold or diamond hoops and complement them with a sleek ponytail.

For a more contemporary look, select a pair that features unique gems other than diamonds like amethysts. For a girl who loves her pearls, then choose a pair of pearl hoop earrings as the latest renditions are modern with a classic air. Combine your pearl hoops with a messy bun or braided updo for some real boho vibes.

#2. Drop earrings

Drop earrings are elongated earrings that are usually heavier on the bottom. This design usually comes with gems, like diamonds or pearls, attached to the bottom part of the earring. A pair of classic drop earrings are a great choice if you want to achieve a more timeless and elegant look. Combine your pick with loose waves styled to allow room for your earrings to shine.

However, if you prefer a more bohemian look, opt for a pair of drop earrings in a more unique design, but try them on first to make sure they won’t get tangled in your tresses. For those who crave drama, then chin-grazing, statement bridal earrings are the way to go, but with one condition – make sure they won’t damage your dress, especially if you are wearing a lace dress with a high neckline.

#3. Stud earrings

Studs are the ultimate timeless piece that will always be elegant and sophisticated. For a classic bride look, go for a statement stud. Whether you prefer captivating diamonds, timeless pearls, or colorful gemstones, a larger stud would look great with structured curls or a sleek and straight hairdo. If you are not wearing a high-neckline dress, combine your stud earrings with a matching necklace and bracelet, for that put-together bridal look.

Should you choose a smaller stud, pair your earrings with a statement necklace, if your dress allows it. An elegant off-the-shoulder bridal gown would look great with a choker necklace, while a high-neckline wedding dress with delicate lace would pair well with simple studs and no necklace.

#4. Dangle earrings


As the name implies, dangle earrings come in a design that dangles and moves together with you. Whether they are bold and modern or dainty and traditional, this type of earring offers a variety of options leaving you spoilt for choice. If you are planning on wearing your hair down in cascading locks but with a little extra volume on top, you’re in luck, as dangle bridal earrings work perfectly with half-up hairdos.

To avoid having your earrings get lost in your hair, go for a pair of larger and bolder options for maximum shimmer and sparkle. This combination works especially well with a halter neckline wedding dress, as this type of neckline doesn’t really pair well with necklaces. In this case, choosing a statement pair of dangles, instead of a necklace, would be the best choice.

#5. Vine earrings

Photo: Rosemary Williams/Unsplash

A boho bride’s top choice for her big day, vine earrings come in shapes that represent nature due to their similarity to branches or foliage. Usually adorned with diamonds and other gems and perfect when combined with messy buns or braids, this earring type is ideal for creating that ultimate boho bridal look. However, if you
prefer a more dramatic and glam look, choose a pair of oversized diamond and pearl drop earrings. These two gems, combined into the perfect pair of statement earrings, are the ideal jewelry pieces for a contemporary bride.

Rock your earrings with a side hairstyle, such as a side-swept braid, a side pony, or a side bun, as it will bring out the bling of your jewels. Furthermore, these earrings don’t require a ton of other accessories as they already do most of the hard work, so they are the best choice for a halter or illusion neckline. 

#6. Teardrop earrings

Another classic design, teardrop earrings are pear-shaped earrings that are perfect for creating an elegant and timeless bridal look. These types of bridal earrings pair well with traditional hairstyles such as classic buns or sleek ponytails. If you’re going with an elegant off-the-shoulder bridal dress, complement your dainty teardrop earrings with a princess-length necklace. A statement choker will also work with an off-the-shoulder gown, while a plunging neckline requires a matching matinee style piece. This combination creates a cohesive and balanced bridal look.

#7. Birthstone earrings


Shimmering and colorful, birthstones are beautiful gems associated with a specific month. It is believed that each birthstone brings a unique set of characteristics, benefits, and good luck to the wearer. If you decide to wear a beautiful pair of birthstone earrings on your big day, make sure the color of the stone matches your overall wedding palette. Unless you are born in April (the month of the diamond), or June (the month associated with pearls), your jewels will have quite a unique color, so it is important that it matches your wedding theme.

Whether it is sapphire blue, bright red ruby, or calming purple amethyst, it would be a good idea that you only stick to one stone for all your bridal jewelry. However, should you decide to wear a necklace and bracelet as well, try to get matching sets that feature the same birthstone because choosing anything else might result in a bridal look that is not very cohesive. If you want to take it a step further, match the color of your gems to your bridesmaids’ dresses, as it will result in very beautiful and balanced wedding photos.

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