By the middle of the chilly season, it’s almost inevitable that you’re over the good ol’ coats and need an extra touch to spruce up the expected monotonous style we’ve easily become accustomed to. Fashion-savvy women know the rule, and that’s to switch things up a bit before they become boring. It could be pulling off a DIY on your old pieces, or simply updating your wardrobe with contemporary fashion pieces that keep your cold-weather style sleeker than average.

This means you don’t need an entire wardrobe overhaul to be to keep your cold weather style exciting. You just need to be strategic about new fashion pieces to incorporate into your already existing wardrobe. Whether you love a bold take on fashion or the easy life knows you by name, leave room for an accessory or statement piece to ram your look out of routine terrain.

These cold wardrobe additions are sure-fire ways to vamp up your fall/winter style…

#1. Detailed sweater/cardigan

After being stuck on your regular sweaters and the season isn’t far spent yet, put a refined spin on your sweater game with a statement sweater. This aesthetically pleasing fall/winter essential is a relevant layering tool, and easily adds some funk to an everyday look while ensuring the cold doesn’t take a bite at you. Think of layering this piece on a button-down shirt and wide-hemmed pants for an elevated take on workwear or pair with a pleated mini to bring on your girly side for a weekend outing.


#2. Saddle messenger bags

If this hot pick is missing from your handbag selection, it’s time for a quick add-to-cart fix. This classic bag boasts simplicity and practicality. Although a vintage favorite, it has evolved to cater to your effervescent daily demands. If the goal is to ensure your cold weather style keeps giving what it should, then an on-trend saddle bag is the next hot addition.

This season, high-end designers like Dior, Chloe, and Coach graced the runways with contemporary takes on this functional bag. With the standard lengthy strap, you can carry it across the body or hang over your shoulders in effortless allure. If you’re big on aesthetics, fashion houses like Burberry have also designed micro designer bags that deliver on style and function when you need to carry less.


#3. Waistcoats

Imagine it’s the early 2000s again, and you’ve strapped on your favorite tailored waistcoat on a seasonal white button-down top and denim ensemble. Yes, this closet staple has evolved from being a man’s go-to formal wear to being an androgynous fashion favorite––and we love!


#4. Knee-high tights/socks

At this rate, the 80s have created a formidable wardrobe backing for modern-day fashion. There are so many vintage comebacks to make you feel like you are on a sartorial time-traveling adventure, and the trip is totally worth it. Top models like Bella Hadid have been spotted countless times rocking this trend in flirty fashion. An mini dress paired with knee-length socks/tights and platform sandals is a sure bet to staying fly and keeping your cold weather style refreshing.


#5. Baggy bottoms

Exaggerated silhouettes have been hitting the accelerator for some seasons now that we wonder if the brakes still work. Baggy denim pants, cargo pants, and everything wide bottoms are at an all-time high. Pair this with a cozy duvet jacket and you’ll easily put a look-at-me spin on your style choice for sure. A leather bomber jacket also pulls the same effect.


#6. Versatile scarves

The category is “stay cold and stylish” and quilted scarves are totally up to the task. On days when you’re not sure your fit can warm up to the occasion, a stylish scarf is an apt option. It’s especially a chic way to pull together your cold-weather style while having fun with it.


#7. Fluffy pieces

Since 2018 when Emma Brewin sold the fluffy hat to celebrities like Rihanna and Dua Lipa, there has been no going back. Now, fluffy accessories from hats to handbags and footwear are mainstream accessories that add the phunk to your cold weather style. They mostly come in oversized variations, and most designers are steadily putting their edge to the comfortably-chic rendering.


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