Some days you have your hair in a messy bun with sweatpants and a slacked T-shirt, and other days you’re slaying in a red power suit paired with killer pumps and the confidence of ten people. It’s possible to rise above this epileptic style pattern and look classy every single time.

Ideally, this shouldn’t be something you lose sleep over but we live in a world where you are addressed how you dress and we can’t say we have not been guilty of this at any point in time. Knowing that you could most likely bump into your ex or be stopped at a police checkpoint on a day you decide to dress up in that faded jeans and stained T-shirt should urge you to want to look classy every single time.

As much as what you wear doesn’t always mirror who you are on the inside, it sure does affect how people treat you and is a huge determinant of whether you’ll be taken seriously or not. Once you make a commitment to look classy every single time, it would surprise how your life would take a turn for the better.

Check out these 8 easy tips to look classy every single time…

#1. Remember fit is key

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A good step in the “classy direction” is to ensure that what you wear fits. As a matter of fact, it’s worth noting that an ill-fitting outfit is a total turn-off regardless of how much it costs. Being classy isn’t about wearing the most expensive pieces in the store, but making sure that what you wear looks good on you. Whether figure-framing or loose-fitting, your outfit should sit on you as it was intended by the designer.

#2. Reveal with style

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It’s fine to reveal a bit of skin here and there, but baring it all for the whole world to see is distasteful. For instance, a little cleavage in view, things peeking through thigh-high slits, or interesting cut-outs are classy ways to reveal skin. The goal is to do it without appearing desperate for attention.

#3. Accessorize correctly

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Ask any style star and they’ll tell you that accessories are an easy way to elevate your ensemble. But they can also send the entire look downward if done incorrectly. When leveraging the power of accessories, keep in mind that the most important aspect is balance. That is, how well do your accessories balance the entire look? Scarves, belts, jewelry, sunglasses, etc should be used without clashing with other elements of the ensemble.

#4. Get rid of dated clothes

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I know when you bought that little black dress the goal was to wear the life out of it and that’s totally alright. But when it’s obviously old and starting to look dated it has obviously done its time and you need to let go. Of course, there are timeless pieces but that’s the exception. However, on many occasions, when those classic pieces make a comeback on the fashion scene there’s usually a tweaking in the cuts, lines, and even silhouette.

If you want to look classy all the time then you have to cut ties with your old clothes and move to the new. This doesn’t imply shopping every season, but there’s no reason why you should still be wearing that dress your mom gifted you twenty years ago.

#5. Wear black

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You received an emergency call and you have to dress up in a hurry? Wear black. This is a lifesaver on busy days and on days when you’re not willing to stress about what to wear. All black everything is classic and the styling possibilities are endless. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine the versatility of this option as well as the statement jewelry you can pair with this look.

#6. Stick to comfort

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No matter how beautiful that dress is if you’re uncomfortable in it, then just drop it. There’s no point going through your day super conscious about what you have on. It’s going to be impossible to make the most out of your day with this level of discomfort and distraction. The odds are in favor of clothes you’re comfortable in as it’s easy to be more confident and relaxed in them. So if you’re in front of that mirror and don’t like what you see and how you feel, just take it off.

#7. Dress with the event in mind

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Just because we said to dress in what’s comfortable doesn’t mean you should wear your favorite jeans and sneakers to a corporate job interview. This has to be style’s number one rule: dress according to setting and you will never go wrong. If in doubt about what to wear to any occasion, whether it’s to the beach or an evening dinner, Style Rave should be your best buddy as we always stay on top of everything fashion. We literally live and breathe it.

#8. Shop classic and essential pieces

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This is especially true for a beginner who’s building a new wardrobe and personal style. There are essentials like blazers, a white button-down shirt, jeans, a little black dress, pants, and the right everyday shoes. Purchasing these in neutral colors make them easy to pair in versatile ways, and you’ll surely look classy every single time.

Be aware of trends but avoid jumping on every new trend. Rather, build your style according to your personal tastes. Classics will remain exactly what they are, and this is the key to a longer-lasting and stylish wardrobe.

Bonus tips:

  • Find out your personal style. This would help you avoid buying stuff you really won’t wear.
  • If you can’t squat in those jeans or can’t lift your hands properly in that blazer, then it doesn’t fit right.
  • Plan your outfits for the week in order to reduce the hassle of searching for what to wear every morning.

Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. – Nicky Hilton.

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