Leather jackets are wardrobe-essentials. They come in a plethora of options and can be worn for different occasions depending on how you style them. Although many consider leather jackets as strictly casual gears, that notion is widely amiss. Come on, it’s 2022 and the only thing that matters when it comes to styling leather jackets is: can you pull it off? If it’s a yes, then leather away!

Another factor to consider is your destination. While you can wear a leather jacket in most settings, how you style it for that destination is key. This will call on your ability to think outside the box as well as to consider the activities for the day. Luckily for you, that’s what we’ll be covering in this article. You’re welcome!

While a leather jacket may not replace a tuxedo for a white tie dinner or cocktail dress for a gala, it’s still possible to slay formal with your leather jackets for some of those traditional “suit events.” Remember the first key to styling leather jackets right is to know how to buy the right jacket for every event. In this article, we’ll be exploring nine interesting ways you can style leather jackets for different occasions without breaking the rules or looking like a fashion felon. Yes, this includes any event, be it a formal or a super casual one.

Check out 9 super versatile ways to style leather jackets to perfection…

#1. Formal style

Your leather jacket can be formal too. However, for it to be considered so, there’re two rules you must never break. One: keep it simple. Two: only the jacket in your outfit should be “un-formal.” Now, how do you keep it simple? The easiest way to go about this is to stick with basic colors like black or brown as they convey the seriousness of the moment without coming off as boring. While you try not to experiment with so many colors, it’s also necessary to avoid elaborate details like patches, studs, and even zippers. Simple moto jackets or leather blazers will do the magic.

Now that you’ve picked out a simple leather jacket for that formal event, all you need do is build the remainder of the ensemble. When it comes to shirts, a white, black, or sky blue slim-fit will do the magic. You can pair that with narrow black ties, dress shoes, matching accessories, and ta-da, you’re set for that event! Do note that matching waistcoats can further accentuate the formal vibe.


#2. Business casual style

When it comes to business casual style, men often think shirt or jacket paired with a pair of relaxed trousers, while women typically opt for a dress, blouse and pants or skirt. Leather dresses are all the rave right now, but if you’re not the type of girl who’s into leather dresses, a leather jacket is a perfect look for your business casual outings like company parties, business lunch meetings, or even as a daily work attire (definitely not on a Monday!). As a matter of fact, the styling possibilities here are endless. Just make sure the jacket fits right and isn’t bogged down with elaborate details. 

For men, a biker jacket can do the trick. All you need to do is combine it with a befitting shirt or blouse (for the females). A style instance for ladies can be a plain white cotton shirt or a grey round neck paired with slim-fit jeans or a pencil skirt. On the other hand, the men will look dapper in jackets worn with slim-fit chinos, or a pair of jeans worn in combination with turtlenecks or round necks.


#3. The ‘formal-informal’ style

Sounds like semi-formal right? Not quite. This leather jacket style is for that special occasion that requires you to feel relaxed while maintaining your confidence. An event when you’re trying to impress yet being careful not to go overboard. Yeah, you guess that right – a date night! Combine a dark shade neutrally-colored leather jacket with any not-so-bright shade of polo, and a pair of white sneakers. Do not forget to wear perfume!


#4. Semi-formal style

A leather jacket can be the fashion choice for a semi-formal event like a birthday or wedding party. The rule here is to keep it simple still, however, a bit less formal than the instance above. For example, a white or black polo paired with elegant trousers (plain pants or chinos), black or white sneakers, and finished off with your fitted leather jacket will do. Also, avoid going overboard with colors so you don’t tend towards a causal look – remember, you’re only taking a tone down on formal. You can still throw on your black or brown jacket as before.


#5. Dressy casual style

This is a perfect style for a church service, evening social, or funeral. The dress code for these kinds of events is “decent and quite conservative.” If you’re reading this article, you’re very likely already given to good style. So, how do we work in the rest of the equation? Simple, wear a dressy casual leather jacket! A matrix-like leather trench jacket is a good option. Combine it with a plain long-sleeved shirt and a casual set of jeans or pants. Loafers would be a wise choice for footwear. You may also want to consider matching scarfs to blend in the entire look – this goes well for both the ladies and the gents.


#6. Smart casual style

Smart casual is the new not-so-formal. If the goal is to look casual yet super smart, neat, comfortable, and stylish, then consider wearing a leather jacket that is smart yet casual. For example, an Italian leather jacket or a moto jacket combined with a pair of straight khaki pants, a dark-colored collared t-shirt, and a neat pair of sneakers is a perfect combo to give this result. You may want to opt for your favorite pair of dark sunglasses to top the icing. This combo can be worn to happy hours, an after-party, or a business luncheon.


#7. Festive style

Festive seasons are periods of love and happiness. Wear statement leather jackets –whether in bright tones or embellishments to this effect. Colors like red and light brown undoubtedly work wonders. For the ladies, your ‘statement’ leather jacket can be complemented with towering high heels and bold accessories like interesting jewelry. In addition, you can accompany this with a simple plain colored top, preferably in white or black. For the men, a checked shirt sitting under a fur-collared leather jacket will be a perfect combo. Combine those with your favorite shoes and don’t forget to wear a smile.


#8. Festive office

Whether at the office or at play, the festive energy should still be alive during festive periods. Consequently, your outfit should mirror this. The perfect office combo during the festive period is the same pairing detailed in the previous sub-heading. However, you may want to tone down on the statement accessories — jewelry, shoes, and others — and turn to something more “work appropriate.”


#9. Super casual

Leather jackets can also come out to play for super casual occasions like clubbing, sleepovers, beach outings, and picnics. For these “chilled” instances, you can pair them with shorts or ripped jeans. However, feel free to make the tone of your shorts/jeans contrast with that of the jacket. Finally, you can throw on a leather vest instead of a sleeved leather jacket for good measure. Work that with a nice pair of sneakers and you’re good to go. Otherwise, nail a monochrome look for a coordinated effect like the one below. 


In conclusion

Leather jackets are highly versatile clothing. As a person with a voracious appetite for style, check all leather jacket brands and find your perfect one. Now that you know you can easily pull off a leather jacket look to almost any occasion, the most important factor to consider is the right dressing combo that wouldn’t translate to you going over-board or under-slaying.

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