here’s a new wave of women’s turtlenecks for fall 2022, and I’m not talking about the utilitarian season uniform that held up fashion scarcely. These modern cuts communicate a powerful modest allure and remain a go-to layering essential in chilly weather — little wonder why it never goes out of style.

The wardrobe staple of resistance has a knack for flattering any body type and is versatile in its styling options. This season, we are ready to stock up on turtlenecks, and thankfully, the market is saturated with varying options, leaving us spoiled for choice.

Just like other fall trends in 2022, the latest renditions infuse rebellious statement-making details for a different flavor. From heavy knitwear options to lightweight ones, these counterparts feature cut-outs, sheer, and cropped variations in a way that relives 90s fashion. This means turtleneck tops have crossed the conservative boundaries and can now tend to other style choices. Simply put, whatever your style is, there’s a turtleneck top reserved to match the energy.

Check out these 9 stylish turtleneck tops for fall 2022…

#1. Ribbed turtleneck

Once fall hits fully, ribbed turtlenecks take a fail-proof layering status. They can slide under a free-size t-shirt or be worn over a dress. Ribbed turtlenecks are a great way to gear up for fall.

#2. The crop warmer

It’s paramount to cop crop warmers if you’re truly in search of women’s turtlenecks for fall 2022. They were hot last year and will still maintain the heat this season. They have a sexy allure and are a handy alibi on days you want to look hot and stay warm.

#3. Pericarp turtleneck

Two for the price of one, please. That’s what you get with the double-layered top. Apart from the obvious cold-evading functionality, they’re unique and not as common as the others. When you just want to throw on a fit quickly, this ready-to-wear layering piece is a quick fix.

#4. Bodysuits

Almost every top trend has its bodysuit version, and they are met with receptivity. Perhaps because they stay clasped on the silhouette in a flattering manner. When teamed with a pair of dapper mom jeans, it immediately elevates a basic turtleneck look to a la mode.

#5. The sheer/mesh deal

These weightless assortments represent the social life of the reserved turtleneck. They are often breathable and can serve as on- and off-workwear clothing when worn under a button-down collared shirt. Wear them alone with high-waisted bottoms for the perfect night-out attire. If you’ve ticked off all turtleneck tops for fall 2022 in your list and this refined variation isn’t there, promptly add it to your cart.

#6. Halter turtleneck

Another way to strip the turtleneck of its historic seriousness is to strip it of its sleeves. They are fantastic for casual renderings when sported with a slip skirt or denim, but can be used as a handy layering tool when styled on a dress or shirt.

#7. Cut-outs

Honestly, there’s nothing more modern than cut-out turtleneck tops for fall 2022. These tops mostly come in neutral tones, which allows the cut-out an ample dose of freedom of speech. While they are mostly worn alone, they could sound intimidating, as this trendy piece might be a bold move for the minimalist. As you put together your fall capsule wardrobe, this is one transitional on-trend top with many ways to serve you.

#8. Prints

It’s only right to infuse the best trends in a way that works for you. Animal prints, bold florals, and dainty prints have been the rave for several seasons now, and a timely print top would certainly slice regular out of your fall fashion assemblage.

#9. Bell sleeves

One of the reasons why turtlenecks adamantly retain the spotlight is the creativity put towards the trendy choice. They are best worn with fitted pants and distressed denim shorts. That’s not to say you can’t go all baggy with the look. Bell sleeve turtleneck tops are a fall essential (IMO).

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