Hi #BellaNajarians! Once again, we have great tips to help you put your best foot forward, especially in this new year. This week, we take inspiration from London based fashion influencer and entrepreneur Sade Akinosho for her authentic sense of style.

To give you a taste of her aesthetic, we’ve collated some of the best looks on her Instagram page. Keep scrolling for a new dose of the week in style.


Who says you can’t rock denim on a Monday with a fly coat? Of course, opt for a lighter jacket in hotter regions.


Trust us, you can’t go wrong with these stunning mustard leather pants in any combo!


This workwear look is everything and more!


                                          A gorgeous off-shoulder plus denim moment for the day before the weekend.


Honestly, versatile looks like this are the best to sail effortlessly through your Fridays.


Got a picnic date or mall hang coming up? You can’t miss with this look.


This look has a ‘could-not-be-more perfect for a brunch or High Tea’ theme written all over it.

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