Big Brother Titans finalist – Emmanuel Eme, popularly known as Kanaga Jnr. has captured the hearts of so many viewers across the globe with his candour, vibrant energy and dance moves. For us, it was his confidence and stylish appeal that first struck a cord. 

With his athletic physique and boyish charm, Kanaga Jnr. rocks edgy streetwear and then some with a custom elegance one can’t help but notice. Though the model and actor wears mini-length locs and lots of scarves on the show we went all the way back to the days before he got locs and even caught a glimpse of him nailing the iconic Michael Jackson silhouette. 

Kanaga Jnr.’s style is comfortably fashionable: from oversized tops and blazers to loose-fitting pants and shorts, he unconventionally slays them all. Keep scrolling to see some of our favourite looks from him:

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