t’s veracious that the red carpet stands tall as the perfect rendezvous for celebrities and influential socialites. Hence, the foreseeable effort Black fashionistas across the globe put into sprucing up their looks for the moment. While we are accustomed to the fact that these ladies would render elegant takes on any red-carpet platter, the ensembles from last week reminded us that they certainly don’t mince words for any other setting either. Simply put, whether at buzz-worthy events or simply running errands, Black women remain unpredictably stylish.

A quick look at the fashion calendar and there’s no guessing the servings to expect at today’s Met Gala, and assuredly so. It almost seems the up-to-minute servings we spotted on Black celebrities and influencers last week were a build-up toward one of fashion’s biggest moments. Glad we already have front-row. Surely, we’re ready for the extra red carpet show-offs and star-studded representations, but first, last week’s servings deserve their fully merited acknowledgments.

The looks

It’s one thing to be a fashion icon and another thing to be regal about it. Top model Naomi Campbell looked like she stepped out of a Palace in a purple Valentino dress as sighted at the Trust Princes Gala. The model appeared to have had an enjoyable time with shots of her charming smile on our TLs, but as usual, she was never to be caught unfresh.

We love a good wiggle and jiggle, and legendary actress Halle Berry readily swished in a sequin AMEN jumpsuit that mimicked a playful sartorial vibe. But this didn’t intersect the modish aura of the aforementioned number. Furthermore, she rightly paired the piece that features a deep V-neck with a long necklace that boasts a cross pendant. The delightful play on chic and sexy definitely ticked all the right boxes with us.

Nigerian stylist Mimi Linda Yina has her hands full this season, and one thing is for sure, her styling prowess is undeniable. The talented stylist sprinkled in her Midas touch to every look last week, from styling a few reality show ladies on The Real Housewives of Lagos to dressing up the likes of Ini Edo for Uyo Fashion Week. Medlinboss, as she’s popularly known, was a sight to behold as she graciously styled herself in a dazzling Black frock by Nigerian brand XBLRTW for a Met Gala-themed birthday event. The Met’s definitely in the air.

Check out last week’s best fashion moments as seen on Black fashionistas across the globe...

Naomi Campbell

Photo: Naomi Campbell | Instagram


the-Black fashionistas across the globe-were-tastefully-adorned-in-panache
Photo: Naomi Campbell / Instagram


Tracee Ellis Ross

Photo: Tracee Ellis Ross / Instagram


Halle Berry

Photo: Halle Berry/Instagram

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the-Black fashionistas across the globe-were-tastefully-adorned-in-panache
Photo: @symply_tacha / Instagram


Gabrielle Union-Wade

Photo: Gabrielle Union/Instagram


Maya Jama

the-Black fashionistas across the globe-were-tastefully-adorned-in-panache
Photo: @mayajama / Instagram


Lori Harvey

the-Black fashionistas across the globe-were-tastefully-adorned-in-panache
Photo: Lori Harvey / Instagram

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Mimi Linda Yina

Photo: @medlinboss / Instagram


Claire Sulmers

Photo: Claire Sulmers/Instagram

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Kahlana Barfield

Photo: Kahlana Barfield/Instagram

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