n Black communities, jewelry is not only used as a statement of style but also to showcase wealth, taste, endearment, and art. It is also a great opportunity to show off the extraordinary creativity of its creator. In an era where individual cultures are enjoying the spotlight, Black-owned jewelry brands diligently create tasteful jewelry that preserves culture — Black jewelers often create designs inspired by African history, with a fiery desire to beat the status quo.

Numerous talented Black-owned jewelry brands create exceptional pieces that hold raw life. They uphold traditional crafting techniques, stay on top of jewelry trends, source bona fide materials like fair-mined gold, and create hundreds to thousands of employment opportunities for the Black community. If you’re looking to buy black and upgrade your jewelry collection, challenge yourself to explore new labels and designers, especially Black-owned jewelry brands.

These Black entrepreneurs should be recognized, patronized, and celebrated for their incredible contribution to the jewelry world. As a brand that prides itself in celebrating Black excellence, we’ve curated 13 Black-owned jewelry brands we love. Chances are, you will likely fall in love with them, too.

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#1. EDAS

EDAS’ knack for sustainability fostered its popularity over the years. Even as they’ve grown into creating everyday jewelry for women with eclectic tastes, their luxe creations remain outstanding. Founder Sade Mims tells a story with each piece of jewelry. The accessories are handmade and also tailor-made to the wearer’s specifications.

#2. Almasika

Almasika is a Black-owned jewelry brand founded by Catherine Sarr. The elegantly-crafted pieces have been seen on celebrities like Alicia Keys and Reese Witherspoon. Almasika is a brand with varying traditional influences, yet manages to create timeless, effortless designs. The simplicity of its sculptural forms should indeed be praised.

#3. Ten Wilde

Tenisha Wilde founded this brand in 2016. Each of Ten Wilde’s accessories is designed with either plated, filled, or solid gold. The jewelry directly speaks to Wilde’s personal style and she describes her work as “a gem for every gem.” The company offers its customers options across all categories, from earrings to bracelets, anklets to waist chains, and even more. Their bestselling accessories include hoop earrings and chain necklaces.

#4. VBellan

Haitian-American designer Vanessa Bellan founded vBellan accessories. She started her creative journey with beaded earrings and necklaces. Today, the brand designs custom and contemporary pieces described as “clean, yet edgy.” VBellan’s best-selling jewelry includes skinny band rings and customizable gorgeous pearl chain bracelets.

#5. SOKO

Soko is a Black-owned jewelry brand that heralds Kenyan artisans into the global market. Established by Gwendolyn Floyd, Catherine Mahugu, and Ella Peinovich, the brand uses subtle classic designs like gold/silver plated bracelets to render unrestrained forms of self-expression.

#6. Made by Kwest

For your classic everyday jewelry, look at Brooklyn-based founder Kira West‘s travel-inspired art designs. The brand’s jewelry was formed to serve as functional basics, and 10% of the proceeds from sales profits are donated to Girls Going Global—an organization that works to introduce African-American girls to global opportunities.


Paola Mathé established this vibrant brand, the style influencer who finds expression in colors. The brand name Fanm Djanm means “strong woman” in Haitian Creole. Although known for her infamous head wraps, her jewelry speaks for everyday glam and statements for special occasions.

#8. Simone the Label

Black-owned brands are steadily drawing up gorgeous and timeless pieces of intricately carved jewelry that will surely trigger the release of dopamine. (Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but I couldn’t help but drool over some designs). Sydney Simone took off with this brand during the pandemic, and it’s safe to say, she’s not landing anytime soon. Also, proceeds from this brand’s profits go to activism.

#9. ByChari

Chari Cuthbert founded this brand. Her “vote” necklace went viral after former first lady Michelle Obama wore it during her Democratic National Convention speech in 2020. Her signature customizable pieces are the label’s touchstone. Bychari’s jewelry is simple, luxurious, affordable, and also sustainable.

#10. Third Crown

Kristen and Kofi Essel, a husband-and-wife duo, established Third Crown, a gender-neutral accessories label with tasteful jewelry designed for everyday essentials.

#11. Lace by Tanaya

Lace by Tanaya was founded by the famous model Tanaya Henry. Her designs have graced celebrities like Alicia Keys and Rihanna. Her best-selling jewelry is the “ear lace,” a cross between an earring and a necklace, beautified with Swarovski crystals.

#12. Khiry

Khiry is an Afro-futurist brand founded by Jameel Mohammed, an artist, designer, and Chicago native. Jameel started Khiry as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania to show that luxury labels aren’t reserved only for Paris and Milan. Celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Janelle Monae, and Solange Knowles have been spotted repping this Black-owned jewelry brand.

#13. Auvere

This brand is known for making jewelry out of solid 22 and 24-karat gold but has recently included sterling silver options. They pride themselves in calling their intentionally designed work an investment. Looking through the jewelry collections, each material seems heavy on top quality materials—speaks for itself.

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