We delivered an insightful session via our BellaNaija Style Women’s Month #BNSConvosFemale Bosses Behind The Brands Taking Over,” live on Saturday, March 19th.

A trio of leading female African fashion entrepreneurs spoke with us. Award-winning fashion designer Sandrah Tubobereni, founder of one of the top accessory brands in Lagos Adedoyin Somuyiwa, and IT Fashion girls’ go-to designer Reni Abina, offered tips on how to launch and build a successful fashion brand.

We’ve rounded up three unmissable quotes from Saturday’s event.

Sandrah Tubobereni

Don’t think that a startup should be funnelling profits directly into your pocket for at least the first several months. So where do you start? Obviously reinvesting might mean taking a pay cut if you’re the owner, but that’s how a company progresses.

Adedoyin Somuyiwa

The truth is that fashion brands become successful because they are driven by people passionate about it. You need to be consistent and apply pressure even when things don’t seem to be going your way.

Reni Abina

Planning a budget is essential for your fashion business. Some benefits of budgeting include staying organized, meeting financial goals, saving money, and preparing for the unexpected.


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