Yoruba call it Owambe, Hausas call it jam’iyya, and Ibos call it Oriri but the main purpose of all this is to come and show your tailor’s work, eat, drink, merry and dance. All these would not gel well if you don’t show up looking classy and hot in these latest skirt and blouse Ankara styles.

That’s why today KOKO TV brings to you the latest skirt and blouse styles for 2022 which will make you stand out at that next owambe.

When it comes to what to wear, most ladies lament What I ordered vs What I got which totally disappoints them but with this skirt and blouse Ankara styles you’re sure to get exactly what you ordered.

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These Ankara styles are simple and classy, you need to add one or two to your wardrobe because you don’t need to stress yourself too much whenever you are preparing for your outing.

See lovely styles of skirt and blouse below;

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Skirt and Blouse

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