When it comes to staples that exude power and audacity, wide-leg pants stay top of the list. This ultra-cool voluminous piece offers an abundance of styles and designs that continue to elevate its streetwear aesthetic. From paper bag and palazzo forms to culottes and flare pants, its ritzy effect has no bounds.

Wide-leg pants have stayed at the forefront of comfortable fads with their leg-elongating power and ease in strut since the ’70s and returned in the early ’00s. The forgiving number flatters all body types. It also oozes a polished and sophisticated vibe while adding some understated luxury to your closet.

Whether you’re a high fashion minimalist or a boho-chic in tune with fashion-forward garbs, you’ll find a wide-leg pant style that fits your aesthetic.

Here are some tips on how to style wide-leg pants in full finesse…

#1. Colors, textures, and prints

Wide-leg pants carry a personality of their own, but when worn in statement-making colors, textures, and prints, they level up automatically. To choose the right options, your personality and vibe matter when deciding how subtle or exaggerated your outfit turns out. For example, neutral colors like white, olive, and tan work well for a minimalistic preference. On the other hand, black leather or iridescent tints of red or pink are spot-on for edgy ensembles.

#2. Outfit choices. How to style wide-leg pants.

Picking out the appropriate top to go with your wide-leg pants can be a fun experience, especially when you’re open-minded. Additionally, the setting and tone you’re going for helps your creative intuition at this point. For instance, structured blazers work perfectly in the wintertime when layered with the right pair of wide-leg trousers. Similarly and in full effect with the trend’s waist-cinching abilities, plush crop and puff-sleeved tops are stunners in warm weather regions.

#3. Accessorize to create a balance

One interesting feature of the wide-leg pant trend is that it comes in an array of lengths and proportions. Effortlessly standing in fluidity to the streetwear-inspired options, the latest accessory fads are a must-try with the trousers. For footwear and duffels, square toe heels or mules and pouch or crossbody bags hit the mark. Jewelry pieces like chunky gold necklaces and studded earrings do the trick. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration on the current craze with comfy and voluminous outfits, we’ve got you covered. 

Check out 29 ways to style your wide-leg pants…

Monochrome style

There’s something undeniably irresistible about a monochrome look, especially with wide-leg pants. The relaxed chic aura it evokes is enough to turn even the most unbelieving into an evangelist when done right. The key is to opt for a color that flatters your skin tone and then build your ensemble around it. Whether you do the hardcore matchy-matchy or you play with various shades of the same hue, the results are still amazing.


Taking the coordinated look further is the two-piece. This option is great if you’re wondering how to wear wide leg pants but without the stress of styling. Considering that the co-ord set comes readily styled is a relief for most, so you shouldn’t have any challenge with combining pieces. However, don’t relent on your accessories game as that alone can transform your entire look. 


Color block

It’s spring and a great excuse to play color blocking. This season, vibrant colors are on a modish high so grab wide-leg pants in the brightest shade you can find. Then, proceed to pair it with a top in a contrasting hue. The trick to nailing the color blocking trend is to pair shades at opposite ends of the color wheel as it provides the necessary pop you need. 


Denim slay

Another option on how to wear wide leg pants is to go the denim route. The classic denim look is chapter one in many style stories and we’re sure you have plenty to tell. Why not give a spin to your tale with a wide-leg version? Simply pair with a classic white shirt or floral top for an in-season slay. Comfy yet impactful is the guaranteed result from this combo. 

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