Victor Glemaud has charmed the fashion industry with his statement-making joyous knitwear since launching his namesake label in 2006. With a unique home collection in conjunction with family-owned New York design business Schumacher, the Haitian-American designer is extending his upbeat aesthetic into a new market, fresh off the launch of his first eyewear collection. Victor Glemaud Home

Victor Glemaud’s collection, which he titles “Cul-De-Sac,” highlights the designer’s clean-cut approach while also reflecting his Caribbean ancestry. The capsule includes 14 different designs and hues of fabrics, wall coverings, and trims, all named after women dear to him. Toussaint Toile, which pays respect to Toussaint Louverture, the leader of Haiti during the revolution in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, will appeal to minimalists a lot.

In addition, the print features a portrayal of Haiti’s national bird, the Hispaniolan Trogon. It also features the national flower — hibiscus, lush vegetation, and stunning views of the country, all of which pay honor to Glemaud’s ancestors’ homeland. 

“We haven’t rewritten home or anything like that, but what we’ve done is take traditional motifs, added amazing texture, and it feels original. And I think that’s the difference and why people are reacting to it so enthusiastically,” Glemaud said about the collection. “From the color mixing to the pattern to the cut velvet, it can be really classic, but it could also be urban, it could be traditional, it could work for the country.”

Schumacher has long been associated with high fashion and aware of what’s ‘en vogue’: in 1920, the company collaborated with renowned couturier Paul Poitier, paving the way for a strong series of fashion-inspired collections, including collaborations with surrealist Elsa Schiaparelli and icon Karl Lagerfeld.

In 2006, Glemaud debuted his signature knitwear leisurewear collection, which was created for “all people, genders, races, and sizes.” He studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and went on to work for Paco Rabanne and Tommy Hilfiger. He built a reputation for himself as the king of vibrant color, elegant lines, and cleverly textured knits as a finalist for the 2017 CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund prize. Furthermore, his time as a costume designer for the American Ballet Theater provided him with the motivation and inspiration to turn his fashion designs into knitwear. For the first time, he used a ponte jersey to accomplish this effect.

This new Haiti-inspired collection will be sold to interior designers and architects through, via its UK and EU sites. They will also be sold through the design house’s showrooms via designated Schumacher agents. Prices for wall coverings begin at around $100 and fabrics at $300. Victor Glemaud Home

View the full collection here.

Feature Image: Dan Lecca, via Victor Glemaud x Schumacher

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