Thebe Magugu is collaborating with Christian Dior for a charity project. The creative director of Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri, has assigned the South African designer to create “a reinterpretation of the iconic New Look, through his contemporary feminist vision,” said the brand in a statement.

The project is in support of the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, a nonprofit that helps young people in South Africa, and is similar to one Magugu completed during his second year as a fashion student in Johannesburg. As part of this partnership, Dior has made a donation to the organization founded in 2007 by the self-named actress to support AIDS prevention and education initiatives for young South Africans, without disclosing the amount. Charlize Theron, a South African native, represents Dior.

Chiuri, said in a released statement: “I thought it was natural to think of a project which also gave visibility to this young generation of designer[s]. It felt like a more meaningful way to envision our collaboration. We went from a silhouette with a Bar jacket to a printed T-shirt — an interesting take on this emblematic look, which truly connects both of our approaches.”

Magugu’s collaboration with Dior birthed something beautiful for both brands with their own signature in the designs. It’s like the best of both worlds for fashion lovers. The designs flaunt pleats, found in the asymmetric midi-length skirt, Magugu’s two women holding hands logo crafted on a simple t-shirt, a feathery tulle skirt, all enhanced by a Dior Oblique canvas bob with two yellow cords with Thebe Magugu’s signature, a matching Dior bag, as well as a pair of Dior camp boots and a yellow silk scarf.

Magugu stated that he is honored to be working with Dior and explained how the brand’s fashion legacy has reached across Africa. The 29-year-old designer said: “I’m from a small mining town called Kimberly, a place which sometimes is completely overlooked on certain maps. But even there people are very familiar with Christian Dior. It sort of revolutionized how women dress.” He also quipped: “It’s like I completed my homework eight years ago.”

This limited-edition collection will be available from October 27 in Dior’s most prestigious boutiques.

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