Actor and Producer – Eku Edewor looks magnificent in this perfect mix of sensual artistry ingeniously put together for VicNate, photographed by the amazing Morgan Otagburuagu of Ginstar Photography.

N°4 is VicNate’s latest collection for the daring woman who enjoys the feel of a piece as much as how it makes her look. Launched September 25th, 2022 the N°4 is inspired by Stanley Kubrick‘s 1999 Mystery Drama; Eyes Wide Shut, with a focal point on the character Alice. It is a deep dive into an exploration of the senses through clothes, minimalist in the expression of colour, rather with the emphasis on texture, cuts and finishing.

The uncluttered monochrome set was accessorized by Rebirth, an exquisite piece from “Sink or Swim”, by sculptor, designer, and curator Ugo Ahiakwo. Ugo’s works are characterised by edginess, dynamism, tactility, and a high level of refinement. “Sink or Swim” refers to a situation in which one must either succeed by his or her efforts or fail, much like how the creator has felt during his adult life. 

VicNate is a Nigerian contemporary fashion brand focused on celebrating youth and femininity in a way that bridges the gap between luxury and contemporary fashion. It transcends personal and social engagements to embrace a vision that is simple, deliberate, and packed with youthful bursts.



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