t almost feels like an 80s fashion deja vu as color blocking makes its way back in the spotlight, captivating everyone who holds fashion as a thing of interest. Apart from the fact that no color is off limits this season, exploring one or more combinations of hues on the color palette is a sartorial prerequisite. A quick glimpse at the evolutionary take on fashion from runway to street style, and it’s easy to perceive that color blocking is the Queen Bee in the spring fashion honeycomb.

The role vibrant hues play in sprucing up any outfit cannot be swept under the bus, and the designers’ runways, buzzing street style attires, and every fashionista’s spring wardrobe favorites are proof of this principle. To make a lasting impression, the art of color blocking should be incorporated into your style arsenal. It makes dressing up more fun, edgy, and totally up-to-date.

The concept of color blocking is often credited to originate from the artwork of Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian whose creations were a collection of stark lines and flat squares. However, some schools of thought argue with this. Regardless of its origin, there’s no denying that color blocking outfits add a unique flair to any woman’s closet, especially in springtime. While the general take on this trend is to pair opposites on the color wheel (see image above), it’s not the only route you can explore. For example, mixing and matching primary colors is an easy way to get into the color frenzy and still have maximum impact. Are you ready for more tips on how to win color blocking this Spring? We’ve got you covered!

Check out these color blocking tips every style girl should adopt…

#1. Know your colors

Sometimes in fashion, even a fluke could produce a pleasant result, but for the most part, leave nothing to chance. The first thing is to familiarize yourself with the color wheel. A quick tip would be to opt for a complementary color positioned opposite your main hue on the wheel. For example, blues and violets stand at opposite ends of yellows and oranges on the color wheel, which makes the pairings a perfect option. Of course, this is simply a tip to get you started if you’re feeling not-so-confident. However, with time, you’d soon realize that the only limit to killer color-blocking outfits is your imagination.


#2. Weigh your color blocking options

The color blocking outfit movement weighs on pairing opposites for an interesting effect. However, there’s room to try combos that seemingly don’t mix. While some fashion enthusiasts love to approach color blocking by purchasing an off-the-shelf color-blocked piece, others prefer to merge separates of varying hues. It all falls back to the theme you choose to recreate. Opt for off-the-shelf options of softer pairings if the location is semi-formal as this will enable you to rock the trend without seeming out of place. On the other hand, should your day be laden with laidback destinations, then, we see no reason why you shouldn’t go daring in various hues. Unless, of course, you’re still trying to test the waters.


#3. Pick a main color

When it comes to color blocking with separates, consider choosing a main color and complementary hue(s). This way, things don’t spiral out of control (color-wise) or look fresh outta a circus show. In addition, selecting your dominant tone enables you to build the entire ensemble around what works for the said color and the result is always a well-coordinated look.


#4. Maintain a balanced visual weight

Use colors with the same visual weight when color blocking. What’s visual weight? According to the tech publication, Smash Magazine, it “is a measure of the force that an element exerts to attract the eye. The more an element attracts the eye, the greater its visual weight.” When it comes to color, brighter shades are generally considered lighter than their darker counterparts, so keep this in mind when pairing colors. You can either revert to a mixture of pastels or a loud approach with brighter shades. Whatever the case, leave no room for a hue overshadowing the other.


#5. Take a solid approach

If you’re still a beginner testing the color blocking waters, think solid colors and creative styling options as incorporating patterns might overwhelm the silhouette. Merging solid colors keeps things neat and coordinated. It’s rarely a miss.

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