egendary Italian fashion house, Gucci has collaborated with Finnish health-monitoring wearables brand, Ōura to bring the Gucci X Ōura ring. The smart device promises to make accurate health information accessible to everyone. Or at least, to those who are willing to churn out $950 for the ring. 

So for a little under $1,000, you get a chic, practical, and easy-to-wear device that keeps you abreast of the general state of your health by monitoring your sleep, heart rate, temperature, and other health parameters.

Before you argue that some smartwatches can give you the same features for less than the price of the Gucci X Ōura ring, Ōura disagrees. According to the startup, the ring is powered by its Generation 3 technology that redefines taking charge of your health. For instance, thanks to its A-grade sensors, you can expect accurate information on your heart rate which is measured through the arteries on your fingers rather than your wrist. 


feature of the new gucci ring
Generation 3 technology enables heart-health monitoring 

Furthermore, based on the insights collected, the Gucci X Ōura ring will not only tell you where you are with your health but will also make recommendations on how to keep your body performing at its best. This information and more are accessible via the Ōura app which is available for both Android and Apple devices.

sleep feature of the new oura ring
Stay on top of your sleep cycle with accurate information


oura app temperature monitoring
Understand your body’s signals with precise temperature measurement


activity tracker of the oura app
Set daily goals and track your progress


Gucci X Ōura readiness tracker
How about a seamless way to determine your overall readiness for the day?

Additionally, ladies can unlock the period predicting feature of the ring so you’re never surprised when the red lady decides to show up each month. For those who enjoy a good dive, you can also take this ring with you while you explore depths of up to 100 meters (330 feet). With all these features, you may wonder how the Gucci X Ōura ring stays running, and how long it can run. The jewelry is battery-powered and Ōura promises that the battery can last between four to seven days. Yet it requires 20-80 minutes for a full charge. (Charger is included in the package). 


How about its design?

You can expect that whatever Gucci puts its name on will still maintain its a la mode allure. Yes, including technology-backed jewelry. The all-black piece is crafted from lightweight titanium, making its 4 to 6 grams of weight possible. What’s more, it comes embossed with the iconic Gucci interlocking ‘Double G’ monogram. In one instance, the famed logo is accentuated with 18-karats yellow gold. That gold also makes its way on a braided trim across the ring’s perimeter. 

Gucci X Ōura ring

This new endeavor has reminded us that Gucci is indeed serious with its technological efforts. Recall that in May, the Italian brand partnered with Wagmi-san’s 10KTF, famous for its 1:1 NFT accessories, as it sought to lay deeper roots in the metaverse––as reported by Vogue Business. That partnership resulted in The Gucci Virtual 25, a pair of neon-colored, digital-only sneakers designed by Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele. Also, earlier this month, Gucci stated that it will begin to accept payment in cryptocurrencies (via Entrepreneur).

While we may not know what other technology-guided partnership cooking over at Gucci, we do know that the Gucci X Ōura ring is one that many would certainly find helpful. As the Ōura website puts it, this is a “flawless blend of fashion and function.”

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Images: Gucci

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