While skirts are an all-season staple, it’s hard to deny that the summer season seems to be the unofficial skirt period. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that we seize every opportunity to flaunt our summer bodies, including our toned legs. What’s more, skirts are a girly girl’s delight, especially on those occasions where we seek to blend timelessness, femininity, and trendiness. Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with skirts.

But here’s the thing: if oozing femininity is the goal for an ensemble, not all skirts can help you achieve this. Depending on the style and fit, you’re very likely to get different results sporting different types of skirts. A girly skirt is fun, flirty, accentuates your physique, and has a way of coordinating your demeanor — from how you walk to the way you sit. On the other hand, non-girly skirts only make you appear boxy and void of curves.

At this point, it is important to note that the best skirts that flatter your curves and the pieces that fit you. There’s no escaping this. When a skirt (or any outfit for that matter) sits where it’s supposed to, hugs what it’s supposed to, and falls as it should its beauty is evident for all to see. Therefore, your starting point should be to purchase what fits your unique figure and then style it for maximum slay. From pencils to tutus, there are stylish skirts every girly girl should have in her closet and it’s not even up for debate. Denim skirt outfits.

Check out these 7 totally girly skirt outfit inspirations for the girly girl…

#1. Detailed skirts

The right details on a skirt can easily level up its flair and fit. In many instances, designers look to details to help a piece reach its full potential for the kind of woman it’s made for. From frills to fringes and deconstructed details, these skirts can be downright flattering and feminine. Take a cue from Tamara above and pair a midi tassel skirt with a classic white button-down shirt. Otherwise, go edgy in a deconstructed mini skirt.

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#2. Leather skirts

Leather outfits are sexy and that’s not even up for debate. It’s the way they embrace a woman’s frame stirring the senses and still manages to be on-point that makes them a favorite of style stars around the world. Whether you opt for mini or midi leather skirts, you are sure to get the desired effect.

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#3. Pencil skirts

A sophisticated girl like yourself can turn this skirt into multiple star dust of magic. A pencil skirt can be paired with almost any kind of top and that’s why it makes this curation of our top seven girly skirt outfit ideas. A blouse with a deep plunging neckline tucked into a pencil skirt is a classic look that speaks all shades of elegance.

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#4. Skater skirts

While this skirt may seem to scream college, not anymore. This sweet wardrobe must-have has women of different ages scrambling for a piece of this fashion cake. They can be worn with turtleneck tops and tights during cold weather, or with any playful blouse in the hotter weather. Skater skirts can equally be worn to work with a button-down shirt and pumps. Just opt for a longer length to avoid flashing your panties everywhere you go.

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#5. Tulle skirts

There are chic and edgy ways to style the tulle skirt without giving off the ballerina vibe. Although if that’s the goal, there’s fabsolutely nothing wrong with that. Tulle skirts look chic paired with tank tops, leather jackets, and big knitted sweaters. The choice is yours.

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#6. Pleated midi skirts

This swish and sway skirt oozes elegance and grace. The pleated midi skirts are in, especially the metallic and print fabrics. This bottom piece is a perfect blend of street style and sophistication and we’re all here for pairing it with a vest, lace top, a graphic tee, or a classic button-down shirt. Girly skirt outfits.

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#7. Denim skirts

There’s no way denim will go out of style. Once you think they’re fading, they come back with a bang. Denim skirts are skirts every girly girl should have sitting pretty in their wardrobe and on her hips. A double denim look and boots is a killer lewk, we know this!

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The next time you want to show up in sweatpants, remember skirts are a whole vibe. Also, if you’re trying to get in touch with your feminine side, then these girly skirt outfits are the apt go-to.

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