Spring presents the perfect opportunity to add color to your wardrobe, especially if you’re fond of playing the toned-down card. As the temperatures go on an upward trajectory, consider matching the energy with vibrant colors in your closet through clothes, shoes, and accessories. They certainly add a refreshing spin to your regular vibe leaving no room for boredom. 

Adding colors to your wardrobe will naturally elevate your style and vibe, and make you ready for whatever the season throws your way. While you may be tempted to go crazy and purchase rainbow-hued pieces, there’re smarter ways to plunge into the colored ocean without complication. Plus, you don’t run the risk of resembling a fish out of the water if bold colors aren’t something you usually do. The easiest way to begin is by opting for pieces you would normally wear in hues you naturally love. For example, if yellow is your thing why not slide into yellow mules while keeping the rest of your ensemble muted? Then, as you get bold with bold colors, you can proceed to explore the delightful world of color blocking.

From vibrant jewelry to bright blazers, we’ve curated some seriously stylish ways to add colors to your spring wardrobe. Are you willing to try?

Check out 7 easy-peasy ways to add color to your wardrobe this spring and beyond…

#1. Vibrant jewelry

If you love neutrals or favor darker colors, the best way to add color to your wardrobe is by opting for a piece of jewelry in fearlessly bold tones. From a pair of earrings, necklace, or even bracelets, jewelry gives you many subtle but fashionable options to infuse colors into your look.

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#2. Colorful handbags

What’s a closet without a brightly-colored bag? If you choose to wear your regular neutral or dark colors this spring, don’t forget to accompany it with a bold handbag that effortlessly informs onlookers that you know what time it is.

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#3. Bold shoes

Nothing says a pop of color like bold shoes and the influencers agree. Whether you turn to sneakers or heels, the right pair will definitely add a fun twist to your wardrobe this spring. Slide into your favorite pair and set on the mission to color the town as you please. 

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#4. Colored blazers

While some days will be sunny, others may be windy or chilly. On days such as these, a blazer is a practical way to keep warm and stylish. As you go ankle-deep into the colored waters, throw on a colored blazer to accompany your look, no matter how toned down. By adding hints of color, you’re certain to have a spring look that’s original and fun. 

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#5. Florals 

Since the spring season is synonymous with growth, your look can mirror this with no risks. Floral prints fit right into that light, bright, happy feeling of the moment, so knock yourself out! Whether you opt for skirts, dresses, or tops, each look is unique and irresistibly lush. Yes girl, you’ve come into your own — bloom.   

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#6. Bright tops

The blouse, a multi-faceted essential, is the embodiment of feminine elegance. Whether you’re going for a walk, to the office, or hanging out with friends, the blouse is flexible and goes with all bottoms. With long, short, or statement sleeves, allow yourself to be tempted by the many colorful options available as you intentionally spice up your spring wardrobe.

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#7. Bold sunglasses

Sunglasses are an absolutely essential accessory for the warm seasons. Choose a style full of character to punctuate your look with a retro, contemporary, or 100% trendy-sporty vibe. From angular-rimmed glasses to XXL models, color pops, or metal frames, it’s the right time to put the grayness of winter behind and enjoy the brightness of spring.

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