There’s no doubt that comfort has been the name of the fashion game during and post-pandemic, so it’s no surprise that loungewear is still hot right now. Basking in its functionality and ritzy alterations, style devotees simply can’t get enough! From knit co-ord sets and bodycon dresses to plush pajamas sets, loungewear is having its moment in the fashion spotlight. Can you wear loungewear in public?

In other words, owning loungewear this season is key to nailing effortless fashion down in today’s style scene. With an array of neutral ethereal tones and fabrics, looking relaxed and modish all at once has never been easier. Adding to its ravishing and cozy charm, the independent fad has witnessed an unconventional take on its appearance.

Whether you’re a high fashion connoisseur or a casualwear enthusiast, the possibilities are endless with loungewear. Certainly, this answers the “can you wear loungewear in public?” question. Truth be told, if you’re still sleeping on this trend, you might as well forfeit your style queen status. Just kidding. Or am I?

Check out 5 ways to rock loungewear essentials with a stylish twist…

#1. Play with colors & fabrics 

Considering that this outfit is available in all the colors in the rainbow, you’d want to opt for tones and hues that suit you. For example, varying shades of brown have proven effective in flattering the skin tone of dark-skinned women. It works so well that it sits on like a second skin. In addition, choosing the right fabrics will also help your skin breathe properly this summer. 


#2. Get creative with layering

If there’s one thing loungewear works well with, it’s layering. Of course, the high temps aren’t always a great time to layer, but depending on the pieces you put together, layering in summer is possible. The key is to throw on a few lightweight fabrics when trying to layer in summer. This season, add a genius edge to your loungewear with layers to slay right and also ooze a certain level of sexy-casual. 

#3. Play the prim and proper card

For those girls who are so put together, it’s impossible for a strand of hair to be out of place, there’s also a sit for you on the loungewear table. Of course, you may think this is hard to believe as this outfit may be too laid-back for your taste, but you’d be wrong. The loungewear is so flexible that prim and proper girls are twisting it to match their style on a daily basis. For instance, switch the expected sneakers or slides for good ole pumps and adorn with dainty jewelry.


#4. Onesies

When the original loungewear eloped with the jumpsuit (the love of her life), they had a baby called onesies. This is the perfect blend of the relaxed vibe of loungewear and the swag of the jumpsuit. What’s more, it flatters most figures and anyone can effortlessly make a style statement in them. Best thing eloping ever did. 


#5. Classic two-piece

When you think of loungewear, usually, the first picture that comes to mind is the classic two-piece. Whether as pants, or shorts, this tried and trusted variation is the go-to for many style stars and a great place to start experimenting. While some are still asking: “can I wear loungewear in public,” you would have rocked it to the fullest. 

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