Over the years, wearing a suit has evolved from being the official professional uniform to the kingpin of streetwear. The diverse ways suiting up now presents itself has officially inducted the staple into the fashion must-have hall of fame. While most times its designed to be slightly loose-fitted, it also presents itself as a form-fitting snazzy wear, and at other times, its oversize sibling make for an effortless yet totally voguish take on street style.

From a variety of unique cuts to deconstructed silhouettes, to brighter than life hues, the classic suit has gone through so much creative redesign in recent times. Design-aside, suit styling has also seen some major shifts. More and more fashion enthusiasts––men and women alike––are opting to style a suit with a pair of sneakers or go bolder on the color spectrum. This puts into perspective just how the office wear has literally loosened up. 

The boxy, oversized suits are great for laid-back fashionistas and WFH professionals, who appreciate a seamless marriage of trendy and comfort in style––yet another proof that fashion meets you exactly where you are. And no matter the occasion, you can depend on the perfect suit to serve the day.

From ostentatious coordinations to practical sporty twists, a suit that allows your personality to shine through shouldn’t be left sitting on the rack. They might have been originally created for office environments and business meetings, but the newer renditions are perfectly cut for casual meetups and not-so-professional settings, including weddings.

Here are 7 contemporary and ways to style a suit as an all round style girl…

#1. Opt for creative layering

Layering, when executed flawlessly, adds the oomph to almost any look. Opting for heavy or light layering depends on your personal style and of course, the weather. When it comes to light and sassy layering, incorporate lingerie or a vest in the mix. A colorful turtle neck or traditional camisole paired with a contrasting-colored suit is a good color-blocking choice. 

You can choose a neatly tailored three-piece suit for a besuited finish, like Gabrielle Union’s outfit which she wore during her Cheaper by The Dozen movie PR tour.


#2. Sneak in some sneakers

For one, a comfortable pair of kicks is an all-season accessory and the best alibi for speedy, noiseless decamping on days you have no intention of announcing your arrival or departure with the click-clack of heels. Whether you’re wearing a dress, a tulle skirt, or a tailored suit, styling your look with sneakers is one of the coolest ways to step out these days. For an ultra-chic take, consider statement pairs by high fashion designers like Balenciaga, Chloé, Lanvin and Loewe. These fashion houses are known to design sneakers that effortlessly amplify any look. The latest McQueen sneakers selection is also one to explore as they come in a rich variety of styles and sleek metallic accent hues. 

When it comes to nailing a really cool suit look, the right pair of sneakers is an absolute must-have: casual enough to soften a serious look and soigné enough for a more upscale casual event. 

#3. Employ statement accessories

Wearing a suit with hair pulled away from the face and minimal accessories is only one way to rock the wardrobe staple — although it was the only “appropriate” way for a long time. Right now, every style girl alive is unapologetically going all out with the bold jewelry suit look. Think hoop and chandelier earrings, obi belts, chunky neckpieces, and suave sunglasses.


#4. Explore voluminous or menswear-inspired silhouettes

Menswear is at the pinnacle of experimentation, and with androgynous fashion at the forefront of fashion, the ladies can also experiment suit-wearing with limitless silhouettes in view. An oversize menswear suit is as contemporary as suit styling can get, but a finely tailored option equally hits the mark. It’s still menswear season, so rummage your man’s closet for a cheaper way to be in on the trends.


#5. Pick statement fabrics

There’s only one rule here, keep the tailoring simple and wild out with a statement fabric. When you think of creative ways to style a suit, this is one proven way to announce your presence at any event.


#6. Embrace contemporary colors

If you’re going to delve into contemporary ways to style a suit, then prepare to have an extensive color palette. Think unrestrained hues like orange, neon green, burgundy, or subtle shades of nude. 

Behind every lit suit coordination are ebullient accessories ready to match the energy, or understated ones elegantly calming the tides. Opt for complementary colored pumps or handbags that fit into your mood, personality, and occasion.

#7. Bring feminine details and cuts into play

Feathers, plunging necklines, and reckless cut-outs are all the spice that cooks up a girly girl’s suit. These ladylike details douse the seriousness of the traditional versions without intercepting its smoothness. These fun details are no longer set aside for flirty party dresses but have become a solid part of everyday wear and business casual ensembles.


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