The animal print craze first hit us a few years ago when Kim Kardashian wore a snake print ensemble as she went out and about in Miami. The reality star kept the palette simple and clean as she rocked a combo of two different snakeskin fabrics. Fast-forward to 2022, and the wild fashion still makes all the right fashion statements taking many forms on celebs and style stars across the world. 

The exciting thing about styling animal prints is that they are totally unintimidatable. That is to say, they are bold, engaging, and yes, downright stylish. They also come in a variety of styles — colors and pattern sizes, giving you a ton of options when it comes to styling. In one instance, you can decide to pair animal print with animal print or any other print, or you can style it with solid-colored outfits to manage the “business.” While the latter style take is quite straightforward, the previous can pose a challenge as it’s pretty easy to screw up a print-on-print combo. So, how do you do it?

When rocking print on print, coordination is the name of the game. You can opt for a black and white zebra print dress with a similar style trench coat, or you can play the color combo by pairing that dress with a brown and black zebra print coat. In a more subtle take, enliven a monochrome outfit with a leopard print shoe and bag for more character. Remember, the goal is to create a cohesive look and not look like you were in an animal fight. If at any time things look out of order, then supplement an element with a solid color to balance things out. 

Check out SR-approved ways to style animal prints like a pro…

Leopard print

Style tip: The chicness of a monochrome look made possible by leopard print is undeniable. Aim for print-on-print magic by rocking a leopard print dress with matching pumps and balance the look with a solid color trench coat. 

Style tip: Before the temps get really cold, pair your cute shorts with a comfy cardigan and finish off with leopard print boots for a relaxed yet fashionable look.

Style tip: A straight-to-the-point look such as this is an easy answer to how to style animal prints. Simply pair your animal print top with black pants and shoes for an unmissable slay. Add more character to your ensemble by pairing it with a colored bag for a pop of color and of course, a trendy hat

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Snakeskin print

Style tip: Thigh-high boots are sexy, more so in snakeskin. Play up its sexiness by rocking your boots with a cold-shoulder dress that flaunts side slits.

Style tip: Of all the animal prints, perhaps the most easy-on-the-eye is snakeskin. This makes the print really easy to rock together as it rarely clashes, especially in similar tones. 

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Zebra print

Style tip: Punctuate an all-black ensemble with a chic zebra print bag. Whether it’s a black dress or a top and pants/skirt pairing, this look will work wonders, giving on-lookers something worthy to admire.

Style tip: Ah, grab attention with a statement zebra print blazer if evoking a boss chick vibe is o your to-do list. Then complement that with black leather pants, boots, and a colored purse because, why not? 

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Cow print

Style tip: Rather than going full-on wild, test the animal print waters with accessories brilliantly incorporated into your look. Think hats, shoes, bags, belts, scarves, etc.

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