Fashion trends from various eras are making a comeback and the go-go boots is one of the fashion pieces from the 60s making waves in 2022. As defined by André Courrèges in 1964, the original go-go boots were low-heeled, white, and mid-calf in height. This specific style has been referred to as the Courrèges boot. Over time, women’s go-go boots evolved to include knee-high, square-toed boots with block heels that were very popular in the 1960s and 1970s, and several variations including kitten-heeled versions and an array of colors.

Just in time for fall, go-go boots have returned with some extra sass to suit contemporary times. The latest go-go boot styles range from mid-calf to knee-high beauties in the most trendy forms and it’s almost impossible to be a style girl this season without one of these in your wardrobe. Nevertheless, go-go boots are not relegated to the cooler weather as beyond keeping you warm they also make a bold fashion statement.

It’s 2022 and everything is about going big or going home (look around you). That is to say that there’s no toning it down. Go-go boots come in a range of colors from silver to white, blue to green, which means they fit into nearly every occasion and season. However, if you’re trying to play it safe, wear neutral colors, but for the love of me, don’t conceal them under maxi flowy dresses or wide hemmed pants. They deserve better.

A neutral go-go boots style by Zovuyo Zoe

This season, consider the go-go boots as a major accessory to your outfits and watch them breathe new life into your entire ensemble. Additionally, these boots elongate your legs and we can all agree that’s a welcome plus every girl approves.

Check out 10 stylish ways to slay the go-go boots in true 2022 fashion…

#1. With a mini skirt + blazer/coat

Depending on how you build your ensemble, minis can work great in the fall, especially when showing off your go-go boots. Slip into a mini skirt and pair that with a blazer and these trendy boots to up your slay factor.

#2. Go monochrome

If you’re bent on making a coordinated fashion statement, perhaps, it will interest you to know that a monochrome fit is one of the easiest ways to go about this. Plus, a monochrome look commands such a luxe feel, which makes it hard to shake up. Push the throttle further by rocking yours with go-go boots for this season and beyond.


#3. With pleated skirt + blazer

There’s something divinely stylish about pleats, which is probably the reason it has weathered many fashion storms. This season, rock your pleated skirts with long blazers and go-go boots for an irresistibly chic fashion moment.


#4. Wear with a flirty number

Any number that emphasizes your girly side is totally welcome this season. Whether skirts, dresses, or perhaps a two-piece. When you find the perfect flirty number, slide into go-go boots and you may just be surprised at the results. Yup, it can make such an impact.


#5. Leather it up!

The interesting thing about leather is that it has the potential to be anything to anyone. In one instance, you can style the sexy out of it, and in another, it can be functional and perhaps, formal. Regardless of which route you choose, you’ll discover that rocking go-go boots with leather can make it all of what it’s meant to be.


#6. With a bodycon dress

When in doubt, wear a bodycon dress to accentuate your frame, then vamp it up with go-go boots. This entire look is flattering and you’ll be so hot you’d threaten the entire existence of the colder seasons. Just be sure to carry a jacket or light coat along, in case the season decides to fight back.

#7. With denim skirts

Denim is a tried and trusted outfit choice that has served women for hundreds of years. Jump into your go-go boots this season in your favorite denim –– think a midi denim skirt like Fisayo Longe’s or a mini one. For your choice of top, feel free to let your creativity run wild as there’s no wrong top to rock with denim. Especially for fall, this is a super cool street-style look.


#8. A sweater dress

Get uber-stylish in a modern sweater dress this fall. Or if you so wish to amp up your 60s fashion, opt for a vintage dress to pair with your boots. This is edgy in every way and everyone will be ringing you for style advice. Come to think of it, a little extra cash never hurt anyone. 


#9. A little black dress

Bring sexy back in a little black dress that communicates in more ways than one that you’re certainly a Rave-worthy style star. Plus when you pair them with go-go boots, they sync so perfectly you’d swear they were made for each other. Strut queen, you were born for this!


#10. A blazer dress x Women’s Go-Go Boots 

A midi blazer dress is fire, but when you throw on that belt and cinch that waist, it’s absolutely blazing hot. Don’t be afraid to play with colors when opting for this look. For example, pair a neutral-toned blazer dress with colorful go-go boots, and girl, you’re so ready.


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