Every season demands a new capsule wardrobe. However, we don’t always want to end up buying a multitude of clothes without thinking. That would just be dumping, and who wants to end up in a pool of scattered clothes? The best way is to look for some transitional season fashion staples. That is to say, your closet should have pieces that can work for multiple seasons — whether that’s Fall into Spring. This would be an assortment of items that can be worn on the end-of-winter days and can be crafted as Spring wear, too.

We believe every woman should keep a capsule wardrobe. The concept of a capsule wardrobe is to make your life easy where you already have basic attire that can be crafted into a whole host of outfits. For instance, there are a few timeless pieces that have proven to be players in both the Fall and Spring seasons, including women’s bomber jackets, trench coats, midi dresses, and hoodies. Depending on how you style them, these items can instantly update your ensemble by giving it a new vibe. So much so that many will think you have a closet teeming with clothes, when indeed you’ve merely learned to leverage the power of transitional season fashion.

Whether you’re an eco-conscious girl looking to use a single piece in a variety of ways or you’re a stylista daring to explore the possibilities of what you have in your closet, you’ll certainly find this guide helpful. Regardless of the diversity of Fall and Spring, the outfit you choose doesn’t have to be all so different. All you need is some wit and inspiration on how to make it work.

Check out 10 clever ways to style your Fall attires in Spring like a style star…

#1. Make a show in a coat

The most loved fall staple for women is no doubt the trench coat. A typical trench coat can steal the show in minutes. If you’re looking for some transitional inspiration, you can play the monochrome card as Jenn Ibe has done below. Or else, go casual in a simple shirt and trousers paired with sneakers and your favorite coat. It is practical and exceptionally chic. You can wear this combo to your friends’ gatherings at the mall or just to go get some left-out groceries.

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#2. Be feminine in floral

A floral-printed dress is an essential that should be owned by every woman, or at least those who care about style. If you like to stay purely on the feminine side, then this is an ideal catch. In Fall, you can rock your floral number with your favorite coat. However, this Spring, why not pair it with a top and a black women’s leather jacket? Take the theme further with matching black knee-high boots to complete the outfit.

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#3. Turn to trusted denim

Denim is indeed a staple for all seasons. However, it all depends on how you craft your outfit to make it a star for the individual climate. Whenever in doubt, trust the timeless denim and white button-down shirt combo. This casual take on denim never fails. Wear flats to carry on with the casualness or pumps to give off some formal vibes.

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#4. Be practical in tights

Black tights are the perfect clothing items for Spring. Every woman owns one. Wear it with a plain grey t-shirt and top it with a plaid scarf. For a casual look, wear sneakers and for a more refined look, opt for high heels. This ensemble can be your daily go-to outfit.

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#5. Leverage cardigans

A cardigan is another item that can be used to craft the perfect Fall and Spring outfits. In the warm climate, you can inject some colors into your look whether subtly or prominent. On the other hand, the cooler Fall may need muted hues. Regardless of what you choose to wear with your sweater –denim, skirts, or dress, you can rest assured that the result will be every inch splendid. For a more sophisticated look, slip into your favorite boots.

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#6. Create a fit using oversized pieces

Wear your fitted pants with a loose-fitted sweater, preferably with long sleeves. Then, slip into your preferred shoes and grab your sunglasses. This combination is best when going out for lunch with friends or family. Although the result is a laid-back ensemble, it’s still super attractive. Plus, it is so easy to achieve. Sometimes, even the basics let us shine. You can also try a pencil skirt and cardigan or fleece combo nicely finished off with boots. 

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#7. Skirts + sweaters = flawless combo

If you like to show off your feminine side then here’s another way to style your sweaters for Spring: with girly skirts! For instance, you can pair a round-neck white sweater cropped at the waist with a midi skirt. Otherwise, go full pleats as Lala has done below. Additionally, you can wear knee-high boots and you are all set to slay.

Photo: Lala| Instagram


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#8. Dazzle in a denim jacket

A denim jacket never goes out of fashion. Pair a colored midi dress with platform shoes and then, throw n a cropped denim jacket. Additionally, you can rock a denim jacket dress and a pair of stylish boots for maximum impact. This is one unexpected Spring look for all the ladies aiming for something chic and smart.

denim jacket-10-ways-to-wear-the-fall-staple-in-spring
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#9. Be a boss in a blazer

A blazer is a transitional season fashion staple that can be worn in all seasons, including Fall and Spring. The recipe is simple; you can simply pair it with your skinny-fit jeans and shirt. Top it with a blazer, colored or not, and pumps. This outfit is perfect for any business lunch meeting where you can flaunt your lady boss’s aura.

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#10. Bomber jackets are a win

How can we forget the timeless bomber jacket in Spring? It is so versatile it can be paired with anything. Select a simple blouse with pants and add a touch of drama with a bomber jacket. Then, proceed for killer shoes for an instant badass vibe. Alternatively, you can slay in your bomber jacket with thigh-high boots as Breukelen has done below.

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A final thought…

Which of these ideas inspired you? Most of these attires are popular among fashion-conscious women. If you are one of them, you have already tried most of these outfits. But if you were not as fashionable before, don’t worry, we got you covered. Try these outfits and you will start getting the knack of crafting fashionable ensembles.

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