I f you’ve been paying attention lately, you’d notice that things are getting slightly baggier and bigger in the fashion department. And should you take this as an indication of a new street style, then your closet may need an update if fitted is the way you do. From pants to dresses and everything in between, fashion’s most adventurous stars are going XL on whatever items they can lay their hands on. So, for those wondering how to wear an oversized shirt or any XL in general, you’ve come to the right place.

For newbies into this trend, at first, you might not find it comfy to rock these looks as they may seem awkward. However, all that’s needed is that you keep an open mind and try one oversized piece at a time. Take a break from your regular outfits and give your body (especially, your legs) some breathing room with maxed-out clothing.

Additionally, for a beginner, you’ll need to maintain a balanced look so the ensemble doesn’t overwhelm you. That is to say, when you’re going baggy on the top, you may keep your bottoms more fitted (although, this doesn’t mean skinny) and vice versa. However, if you’re bold enough to go all-out baggy, why not? After all, that’s the way several style stars choose to go XL. Finally, when selecting accessories, opt for pieces that coordinate your entire look without adding an extra layer of volume, unless of course, you’re Kanye West.

Check out stylish lessons on how to wear an oversized shirt, pants, and more from style stars…

#1. Oversized pants

When outfits began to go max, pants were one of the first stops. Therefore, you can fearlessly nail baggy pants look without worry. While a beginner may choose to keep the top a bit more fitted, you can pair it with loose tops like some of the stylistas below. The key, however, is to tread on grounds you’re comfortable in.

#2. Oversized shirts

Seeking style inspiration on how to wear oversized shirts is no task at all, as fashionistas have ensured there’s a lot to go around. All you need do is keep in mind the look you’re aiming for and craft your ensemble to fit. While that may sound like a task, it’s quite easy. For example, if chic casual is the aim, then Jenee’s look above is a great inspo. On the other hand, should you be aiming for uber-chilled with a bit of edge, Jariatu Danita is your girl.


#3. Oversized skirts

Welcome the oversized skirts! In as much as this is one outfit that’s yet to catch on big time, it certainly doesn’t mean you’ll do it wrong if you try. One of the great things about oversized skirts is that they aren’t footwear-picky. That is to say, you can rock them with sneakers, pumps, or flats and you’ll still stay slaying.

#4. Oversized sweaters

Fall is a great excuse to load up on your oversized sweater fix. Something is appealing about this choice that makes it a winner this season, of course, celebs and influencers agree. While we’ve seen oversized sweaters rocked with oversized pants, skirts, coats, and even dresses through this Fall, it’s still important to allow your personal style to come through.


#5. Oversized dresses

This is a personal favorite as few outfits can compete with the instant slay an oversized dress provides. Under most circumstances, pairing and unpairing outfits before finding the perfect combo is the norm, but with dresses, the win is almost instant. Therefore, what’s not to love? In addition, this option is a great way to test the “oversized outfit waters” without feeling like a fish out of water. So go on, rock away!

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