Does the suit make the man or does the man make the suit? Well, we couldn’t care less as long as the result is a dapper man checking all the right fashion boxes. Across all the fashion weeks 2022 brought our way, we spotted a good number of men — on the runway and the streets — showcasing one of 2022’s most daring ways of rocking a suit: with an affinity for comfort. Whether super-chilled or elevated casual, the boys are showing how to wear a relaxed suit in a way only stylish men can.

Of course, the traditional way of rocking a suit is still valid because classics never really go out of style. However, we are witnessing a more laid-back take that can be leveraged to fit your personality. For instance, dress shoes are no longer the sole (pun intended) footwear for suits, instead, trendsetters are looking to more casual options like sneakers and slides for a different flair. As if that fun vibe isn’t enough, some guys are allowing pants to take the day off as they leverage the “boyish” sauce shorts have to offer. Bottom line: the way to rock a relaxed suit is to put the emphasis on fun. Care to learn more?

Check out 6 dapper ways to rock a relaxed suit in true 2022 fashion…

#1. Wear a loose-fitted suit

Thanks to the trend of relaxed suits, men’s tailoring as a whole has become less fitted, with many styles of the suit now worn slightly baggier than they were previously. Embrace this movement and choose a loose fit to ensure that you look great and feel comfortable.


#2. Get creative with fabrics

Wearing a relaxed suit means that you can showcase your creative flair and wear something a little bit different. One great way to portray your unique sense of style is to choose a suit in an unusual fabric, such as linen, velvet, or silk. You could also choose a bold color or a striking pattern. When going bright and bold, it’s important that you keep the rest of your look neutral so that the result isn’t a look that’s all over the place.

#3. Avoid ties

Wearing a tie will make your outfit seem too formal, so avoid any type of tie. If you’re desperate to wear something around your neck, then try something classic like a suave neckerchief to dress up your look. Otherwise, ditch the shirt and opt for something comfier like a tee underneath your jacket.


#4. Use accessories to switch things up

If you’ve invested a lot of money in your outfit but don’t want to wear the same look more than once, use accessories to make small changes that’ll make a big difference. Consider items like statement jewelry, quirky hats, and eye-catching manbags to set yourself apart. Mastering the accessories game is a surefire way to add a new vibe to any outfit, even a classic suit.


#5. Rock with shorts

As the name suggests, relaxed suits are less formal than traditional menswear, meaning that the rules are less strict. Therefore, you can forego the suit pants if you’d prefer, and instead focus on rocking your jacket with shorts. This immediately equals an unconventional pairing that’s a refreshing sight to behold.


#6. Wear laid-back shoes

Another interesting way to nail in on the chilled look is with laid-back shoes. In some instances, opting for dress shoes can defeat the “relaxed” purpose, so try to keep your shoes in the same theme as the rest of your outfit. Pair your relaxed suit with trainers or another style of casual footwear like slides to keep your look cohesive.

Still wondering how to wear a relaxed suit? See more ways below…

When styling a relaxed suit, it’s important that you feel comfortable and confident, so follow these tips to find your perfect outfit and really make an impression this year.

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